Sarah Palin wowed the crowd at the CPAC 2013 convention. The former governor of Alaska still has it when it comes to delivering a rousing, populist speech. Palin even got a 2-minute standing ovation merely for sipping from a Big Gulp! Who else could get that? More importantly, she connected the many failures of Barack Obama to the misfortunes of Middle Class America. All of Washington, for that matter! Her advice to the Inside the Beltway gang is to ″get over yourself!″

Sarah Palin CPAC 2013

What I learned from this week′s CPAC gathering is that not only am I an old white man who is bitter while clinging to my guns and Bible, but I am also a Wacko-Bird! And proud of it, too, I must say! The audience at CPAC clearly favored the upstarts, young bucks, and genuine mavericks. The Olde Guard, whom have been gathering moss as they compromise their principles in the name of pragmatism were definitely given the cold shoulder.

Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker and Dr. Ben Carson received the warmest welcomes and attention. The rest could have just phoned in their speeches. Even Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry drew better responses than Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. Much angst was focused on the GOP consulting establishment for their failures in 2012. The Republican Party must ignore the mistakes of the past. Dumping ideals and principles to curry favor with those who will never love you is just a dead end to nowhere.

Many pundits point to changing demographics as the reason for the GOP to become more moderate, more compromising. But, as pointed out during a presentation by the heads of the major think tanks (Heritage Foundation, ACU, AEI and Cato Institute), the Democrats are in even more trouble. They have promised so much that they cannot possibly make good on their factional pandering. That which the Democrats are delivering have become so expensive that such is no longer sustainable for the long haul.

So the future is bright for the Conservative Movement. As bright as Sarah Palin′s smile! So keep clinging to your Bible and guns. Join the Wacko Birds! Grab your Palin Big Gulp and spit in the eye of Liberal, Nanny-State bozos. You have only your morals to loose!