The season finale of America Unearthed, Hunt for the Holy Grail, aired last night on the History Channel H2. Forensic geologist Scott Wolter headed for Nova Scotia, Canada tracking down the alleged treasure of the Knights Templar, which some believe Prince Henry Sinclair brought to Oak Island, the Money Pit, in the year 1398. But some local treasure hunters tip Scott off to new clues which were found on the nearby Hobson Island, pointing to a site in the town of New Ross. Here, the remains of a rumored castle built by Henry yielded a well which may have once held the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant and other treasures of the Knights Templar.

america unearthed hunt for the holy grail

So, Scott receives an email from Denny Parada, a Canadian treasure hunter who thinks he has new clues of where the treasure of the Knights Templar may be. Wolter calls his friend, Steve St. Clair, a distant relative of Prince Henry Sinclair, reportedly the last known keeper of the treasures which allegedly included the Holy Grail. Scott flies to Nova Scotia and meets with Denny, who tells Wolter that the treasure may have only been kept at Oak Island for a short time while Prince Henry negotiated with local Indian tribes. The famous Money Pit had been the focus of many treasure hunts, some funded by notables like John Wayne, Errol Flynn and even Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

But Denny and his fellow treasure hunter, Patrick Whelan, came across some new clues on nearby Hobson Island. They take Scott and show him a large granite boulder with a V carved on it. Next, they show him a group of rocks which they believe the pattern of which is a treasure map, pointing in the direction of the town of New Ross. Some believe that a group of ′dressed′ stones mark the remains of a castle built by Prince Henry. A nearby roadway intersection is called ′The Cross′ after Indian legends of men who wore white cloth with crosses upon them, just as the Knights Templar did. Another interesting coincidence may be that the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, made famous in the book and film, The Da Vinci Code, was built by Henry′s son, William Sinclair, perhaps as a tribute to his father.

Wolter is joined by Steve St. Clair and they travel to New Ross to meet with another treasure hunter, Brett Brown. He shows them the remains of what might have been Henry′s castle. Scott inspects some of the rocks and they were chisel marks, indicating that they had been ′dressed′ to be part of a larger structure. Denny and Patrick join them as they go over a map of the castle made by a previous property owner, Joan Hope. Using a Long Range Locator, which treasure hunters use to find gold with, the team focuses on a well. Metal detectors also indicate that there is something near one side of the well. Perhaps a secret chamber?

The team sets up a harness and winch rig and Patrick descends into the well with full scuba gear on. On his first dive, he was looking at the wrong side of the well. But on his second dive, he finds what could a chamber adjacent to the well. An infrared TV camera built into a cable is worked through a gap in the stone wall of the well and shows another stone archway. Obviously built by someone to support an underground tunnel. A portable pump drains much of the well′s water out and Scott descends to have a look for himself. He pokes a 26-inch long rod through the stones cleanly, demonstrating that there is indeed an empty space there. But just how far does the tunnel extend and what, if anything, is in it?

Heavy equipment is brought in to drill a series of 8-inch holes from the well outward along where they think the tunnel is. At first, the crew has mechanical problems starting the drill. Is it the curse of Prince Henry? Or strange energy from the Ark of the Covenant? The drill is finally started and the first hole is bored until hitting a big boulder at about 14 feet down. A second hole is drilled a few feet further out but also hits some tough rocks. The third hole is farther still, but as the drill reaches about 15 feet, Scott sees that it is bringing up loose, less dense, ′back-fill′ soil. Somebody has been there before, dug up whatever was down there and then filled the chamber.

So the adventure ends in disappointment. America Unearthed season finale, Hunt for the Holy Grail, is more hunt than grail. Scott Wolter believes that the Knights Templar probably moved their treasure from the Nova Scotia town of New Ross, just as Prince Henry Sinclair moved it from the Oak Island Money Pit back in 1398. The marathon of the series on the History Channel H2 yesterday ended with this anticlimax. So will we have a season 2? Will Scott Walter find any more signs of the Templars or other Pre-Columbian explorers and immigrants in North America? The hunt for the Holy Grail, and other treasures and hidden history will continue next season!