Barack Obama wearing a fake mustache makes as much sense as his recent charm offensive to appear being cordial to House and Senate Republicans. Obama has already made it quite clear that he does not think there is a spending problem in Washington, DC, and is not worried about the rapidly growing National Debt. Of course he doesn′t since he has contributed the most to it for any single president! With budget talks under way before the March 27 deadline when the federal government runs out of money, again, and another round of debt limit talks by May, when our line of credit is maxed out, again, all Obama wants is to raise more tax revenue. His immediate problem is that the public is starting to get wise to his tricks after attempts to scare the nation during the sequester negotiations failed when numerous lies told by Obama and his administration were unmasked. Now we have proof from an unnamed White House senior staff member that the charm offensive is a ″joke″ and being orchestrated purely for Media consumption. What next?

obama fake mustache

On the subject of Obama′s outreach to Republicans, the National Journal reported this week that a senior White House official said, ″This is a joke. We′re wasting the president′s time and hours. I hope you all (the Media) are happy because we′re doing it for you.″ This comes as Obama′s job approval numbers nose-dived after the sequestration spending reductions came and went without any catastrophes. In fact, the only harm done to the American people by the sequester has been at the hands of Obama and his administration. At least 2,000 illegal immigrants, many with violent crime charges against them, were released and the White House tours were suspended. Obama even had the gall to blame the Secret Service for canceling the tours!

Obama began his charm offensive last week when he took a dozen Republican senators out for dinner. This on the same day that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was filibustering the confirmation vote for John Brennan to head the CIA. Perhaps that is why it took some 13 hours for the White House to respond to Sen. Paul on the country′s drone war policy?

Whatever the case, Barack Obama should wear a fake mustache, along with a sack cloth and ashes, as an act of contrition for his many lies about sequestration. And for being so blatant in his phony charm offensive to sway House and Senate Republicans in giving him more tax increases and no spending cuts. The only sign of shame we have for Obama is the National Debt Clock, which is approaching $16.7 Trillion dollars.