Osama bin Laden son-in-law, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, has been taken into custody by the United States and will stand trial in New York City for his role in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The Al Qaeda spokesman was initially captured in Turkey and was being transferred to Kuwait via Jordan where he was turned over to FBI agents. The decision to bring him to face justice in the U.S. court system rather than the detention center at Guantanamo Bay is something of a mystery. One would think that this character should be thoroughly interrogated as he probably knows a great deal about the inner workings of Al Qaeda. But now, thanks to Barack Obama and his Justice Department flunky, Eric Holder, Abu Ghaith will enjoy all of the privileges of a U.S. citizen.

bin laden son in law

We have seen over the past 4 years and change that the Obama administration has cold feet when it comes to interrogating Al Qaeda suspects. They prefer just killing them, usually with a unmanned drone strike. But this means that a great deal of useful intelligence is lost forever. Obama likes to brag about his record against Al Qaeda, but the reality is that the organization has expanded its operations and is probably more of a threat now than ever before.

Who can say what perils we will face now that Osama bin Laden son-in-law is being brought to New York City to face trial in the United States? Sulaiman Abu Ghaith has served as a spokesman for Al Qaeda at least since the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001. The Barack Obama administration decided not to take him to Guantanamo Bay where other high ranking members of Al Qaeda are being detained and face trial in a special military court. Instead, the Obama White House is treating this terrorist like any other felon and allowing him the full rights of privileges of a U.S. citizen.