Bill O′Reilly got hot under his well-ironed collar last night calling Alan Colmes a liar. The Fox News Channel battle royale took place during a weekly segment featuring the toadish-Liberal Colmes and his sister-in-law, Conservative Monica Crowley. Big Bill pressured Colmes to name one spending program that Barack Hussein Obama has actually cut since taking office in 2009. Instead, Colmes babbled away with the usual Democrat talking points issued by the White House about how Obama has cut $2.5 in spending for every $1 in tax increases. But, as we all know from the big Fiscal Cliff fight, the actual ratio is $1 in reduced spending increases for every $50 or so of additional tax revenue. So is it any wonder that the King of Leprechauns would lose his cool?

bill o  reilly absolutely explodes

The one person you have to feel bad about is poor Monica Crowley, forced to sit there while O′Reilly calls out her idiot brother-in-law for lying. It was petty ugly, though not as ugly as Alan Colmes as he spewed the usual Obama lies. You have to admit that the past two weeks have been rough ones as the Obama administration have been getting caught telling many whoppers concerning the impact of the sequestration. As if horror stories of 4-hour delays at airports and thousands of pink-slipped teachers were not bad enough, the White House has now declared ending tours to the general public. Meanwhile, some 5,000 illegal immigrants are being set free in what has been described as the largest prison break orchestrated by the Federal government.

With $16.6 Trillion dollars in debt and plans to spend another $3.8 Trillion while only taking in $2.7 Trillion in revenues, Obama has succeeded in becoming the worst president in the history of the United States. Yet, thanks to his allies in the Media, and the growing percentage of federal moochers, Obama still hovers about the 50% mark for approval. The big buzz of late is how other pundits are now adopting the Limbaugh Theorem which proposes that Obama can only succeed in his agenda by causing widespread pain and suffering to the American people. O′Reilly, Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer and others are beginning to see the light after four years of Obama.

I don′t blame Bill O′Reilly for losing his cool and accusing Alan Colmes of lying. For starters, Colmes was indeed lying about the ratio of spending cuts to tax increases. It is high-time that the lies from the Barack Obama White House are called out! But Monica Crowley better be careful, especially now that we know Eric Holder has approved drone strikes on U.S. citizens within the United States without any due process. The Fox News Channel better start thinking about getting some antiaircraft weapons mounted on their rooftop.