Just in time for the Passover and Easter, The Bible miniseries 2013 has begun on The History Channel. The 5-part, 10-hour series will cover both the Old and New Testaments. Produced by the husband and wife team of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, the series began last night taking us from Noah telling the story of Adam and Eve while adrift in his Ark, through Abraham founding the nation of Israel, to Moses leading his people across the Red Sea out of Egypt and receiving the Ten Commandments. Filmed in Morocco, the $22 million-dollar presentation features an international cast with the Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado playing the role of Jesus Christ. For Burnett and Downey, who plays Jesus′ mother, Mary, in the series, The Bible is an important project for them as they are both Christians and are seeking to reverse a trend of biblical ignorance among younger Americans. Will they succeed in turning the tide of secular humanism?

the bible history channel
The Bible miniseries on The History Channel proposes to reintroduce many of the basic stories to a secular audience. Image Credit: The History Channel.

Both Burnett and Downey believe that American society has suffered culturally as the Holy Bible is not taught in our public school system. That even from a simple literary point of view, many of the individual stories have value beyond the purely spiritual. The lessons learned from the Bible are useful of our understanding of how we came to be as a people. That the Bible has had a major influence on human history, including our art and culture in general.

But, thanks to court decisions, public schools in America no longer teach the works from the Bible. The young adults of Generation X and the new ′Millennials′ are quite ignorant of many Bible stories and characters. Likewise, they are also ignorant of the moral lessons and values which stem from these stories. The Bible, just as with many other classic works such as Aesop′s Fables, are timeless tales of right and wrong, of good and evil. With whole generations of young people missing these valuable lessons from not being taught in all schools, we can easily understand why our society is so ripe with corruption and violence.

Hopefully, The Bible miniseries 2013 on The History Channel will help renew interest in such lessons. That is one of the hopes by producers Mark Burnett and his wife, Roma Downey. The 5-part, 10-hour series has the look of a big-budget production, with terrific special effects in segments like Noah and The Flood, Moses crossing the Red Sea and later his receiving the Ten Commandments. New episodes will air each Sunday evening with special presentations on Easter weekend as Diogo Morgado portrays Jesus Christ. This is television the whole family can enjoy!