A Mississippi baby born with the HIV virus has apparently been cured, according to pediatric researchers at the University of Mississippi. The child is currently 2 1/2 years old and has been free of medication for the last year without a recurrence of infection.

The treatment on the child, conducted by Dr. Hannah Gay, began 30 hours after its birth when medical researchers provided a massive three drug infusion even before the baby was diagnosed with the disease. The mother wasn’t diagnosed with AIDS until she was in advanced labor. She had no prenatal care until that time. The rationale for the successful treatment is that it kicked out the HIV virus before it was able to secrete itself within the child’s cells.

Although this is a relatively uncommon condition in the US, in some parts of the world such as Africa it is much more common. An estimated 300,000 babies every year are born with the HIV virus.

The treatment continued until the baby was 18 months old. At that time, the mother stopped bringing her child to the clinic for treatment. For some reason, she returned with the toddler a year later, and remarkably, despite her efforts, no evidence of HIV was in its body.