If Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way, the soft drink ban set to begin March 12 in New York City should be expanded to the entire State of New York. Even beyond that to the whole nation, probably. A new Quinnipiac Poll shows that 51% of NYC residents oppose the restricting soft drinks to just 16 ounce servings. About 46% told the pollsters from Quinnipiac University that they like the idea, which makes sense since we all know that 47% of the people favor a Nanny-State government. Oddly enough, while Republicans disapprove of the law by 65%, African-Americans share their contempt at 60%. Democrats approve at 52%, the only group to do so above 50%. Could the Bloomberg soda ban be a crack in the armor of the Democrat strangle-hold on Black voters?

soft drink ban

The purpose behind the ban is to address the issue of childhood obesity, which many studies have shown an increase over the past two decades. However, more recent research shows that the rates are actually declining and have been since 2005. In Mississippi, for example, childhood obesity has declined by about 13.3% since 2005. Long before ′feel-good′ projects hatched by Liberals like First Lady Michelle Obama and her Let′s Move campaign began. A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation shows that the decline is nationwide, with significant reductions in California, as well as in New York City, itself. Their research shows that the decline is related to changes in school lunch menus and efforts to increase physical activity among children.

So the soft drink ban begins in New York City on March 12. If Mayor Michael Bloomberg has his way, no soft drink will be served anywhere over 16 ounces. The soda ban seems to be too late as the trend for childhood obesity shows it is already declining. But Liberal politicians think they know best. What next? Where next?