Update… let’s make this the caption contest this week as well as an open thread! –ed

Here is something you do not see everyday, a marijuana cannon! Yes! A home-made cannon using a plastic pipe and compressed air from a used, metal tank launched wacky-weed across the Border Fence from Mexico into the United States. The Associated Press reports that the Mexican Border Police captured the marijuana cannon in Mexicali, Mexico just south of California. The pot cannon fired cylinders loaded with about 30 pounds of marijuana across the border. Another sign that drug smugglers and Mexican drug cartels are becoming more innovative.

marijuana cannon
Caption this photo!

Update: Winners are below the fold!


1st Place!
Chris in N.Va.
“Legal non-assault-weapon version: single-shot, no high-capacity magazine.”
2nd Place!
“I wonder what they used for a propellant.”
Maybe something refried?
3rd Place!
rodney dill
“The new Government Motors Chevrolet Choomster – out this fall.”


This is an Open Thread piece today. What the heck, it is the weekend and we can all use a break! I am sure that many people will be focused on the sequester spending cuts or the Woodward-Gate stories. Most folks pay more attention to how big Kim Kardashian′s butt is becoming now that she is pregnant. So if you have been dying to comment on these or other stories, then feel free to do so. Even I need a day off from bashing Barack Hussein Obama now and then!

I like the marijuana cannon. It is one of those things that tinkerers like to talk about as they gather in their garage workshops sharing a few beers, and maybe the odd doobie or two. I can recall my friends and I constructing home-made mortars out of empty Pringles containers that launch tennis balls with a dash of lighter fluid. And who can forget the infamous potato guns? A well built one could fire a crab apple right through your average metal garage door with just a whiff of hair spray.

So kudos to the Mexican Border Police for the capture of the dreaded marijuana cannon near Mexicali, Mexico. The improvised device was used to hurl 30-pound packets of loco-weed across the border fence into the United States. Built upon a truck using a plastic pipe and a metal tank to hold compressed air, the pot cannon shows the clever ways that ordinary people can come up with to get a job done. Too bad the bozo in the White House is clueless about getting anything accomplished.