Move over Benghazi-Gate, we now have Woodward-Gate! The Washington Post lion of journalism, Bob Woodward, has gotten himself embroiled in a bitter fight with Barack Obama and his White House staff. The issue is over the looming sequestration, a series of automatic spending cuts due to begin on Friday, March 1st. For weeks, Obama has been railing over how terrible the sequester spending cuts will be in an attempt to shame House Republicans into agreeing to more tax increases. But there is just one teeny-tiny problem with Obama′s rhetoric, he is the guy who wanted sequestration in the first place! So says Bob Woodward who wrote a book on the budget battle in 2011 which led to the sequester provisions. The Woodward made the bold statement on MSNBC describing the Obama administration as ″a kind of madness I haven′t seen in a long time.″, comparing Obama to Richard Nixon. For his sins, a senior White House staffer, Gene Sperling, sent Woodward an email, threatening him that Woodward will ″regret doing this.″

obama madness

Appearing on ′Morning Joe′ two days ago, Woodward was highly critical of the way Obama was using scare tactics about the spending cuts. He specifically pointed to a delay in deploying the aircraft carrier, USS Harry S. Truman to the Persian Gulf due to sequestration. Woodward said, ″Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying, ′Oh, by the way, I can′t do this because of some budget document?′ Or George W. Bush saying ′You know, I′m not going to invade Iraq because I can′t get the aircraft carriers I need?′″

Woodward accused Obama of ″moving the goal posts″ during the budget talks in order to reduce spending cuts and increase taxes. How when just as a deal for $800 Billion in budget deficit reductions seemed ready to be finalized, Obama changed his tune and demanded $1.2 Trillion instead with the extra to be made up by raising taxes. We have seen Obama do this time and time again, but his allies in the Media rarely acknowledge it and when they do, usually justify Obama′s actions as being good, social justice.

The dust-up between Barack Obama and Bob Woodward has had a positive impact. Wednesday evening during another speech, Obama backed off on his message of doom and disaster over sequestration spending cuts. Now, only 1,000 children might loose head start slots and only 2,000 college students may have to get a job to pay for their education. Spending cuts slated for the Defense Department can easily be made by trimming the fat, like the Pentagon Channel TV show, ′Grill Sargents′ or a Navy research study to see if fish can teach us about democracy. But the reality here is that the Obama administration does indeed have a form of madness with the White House crying ′Chicken Little′ while bullying any journalist who might disagree. But Bob Woodward is not your average journalist and is not taking this threat by Gene Sperling lying down.