Our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, thinks that the right to be stupid is part of the Bill of Rights. Yes, Kerry was speaking to students in Berlin, Germany, comparing the concept of tolerance to being stupid. When did the Supreme Court rule on that? Which Amendment did Congress and the states ratify for being stupid? What a fine example for the United States to project as he begins his first overseas trip, heading for the Middle East with scheduled stops in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Kerry also related a tale of his own youth, crossing the border in West Berlin to see Communism up close. Is it any wonder why the Russians did not bother to return Kerry′s phone call for ten days?

right to be stupid

So John Kerry thinks that free expression and gun ownership are acts of stupidity. He, like all Socialists, would prefer a nation of automatons, brain-dead zombies who obey whatever orders their elitist masters command of them. Obama considers himself a cross-over between a pharaoh and a movie star. How dare anyone disagree with King Barack I on any subject, be it raising taxes or letting criminals run loose on the streets. Such critics are obviously stupid, but that is okay because our Constitution allows for such. At least for the time being.

Naturally, Kerry and Obama also consider other parts of the Bill of Rights to be stupid. The Obama administration has been busy trampling our 4th Amendment rights with thousands of warrantless searches of citizens′ emails and Internet activity. Who needs due process when you have missile-armed drones? Forget about the 9th and 10th Amendments, since they are merely stupid ink blots, irrational stains that only serve to obstruct enlightened, Progressive policies.

The New Normal has now been extended to our foreign policy as Secretary of State John Kerry says the right to be stupid is guaranteed by our Constitution. Not that the Supreme Court has ever made such a ruling, but then, who can say if they, too, enjoy a French dip with the Philly cheese steak sandwich? This is the Liberal attitude towards anything smacking of individual liberty. That it is stupid. Kerry and Barack Obama would prefer if we all lock into the New Normal goose-step and march hand in hand together towards the Golden Dawn of Socialism. Too bad that when Kerry went from West Berlin to East, he just didn’t stay there!