To say that Obama does not actually care about private sector job creation in the United States is redundant. We know he wants more jobs in government agencies and in green energy financed by the government. Proof of this is that Obama has shrunk the United States workforce by 8.5 million since he has taken office in 2009, and that he has recently disbanded his “job creation” council that was more show than substance. The Keystone pipeline, to anyone with even an inkling of intelligence, seems like a freebie. Thousands of jobs would be instantly created, and all Obama would have to do is sign a piece of paper, Carney could even bring it out to Obama on the golf course.

Obama however, has still chosen to not approve the Keystone pipeline. Even though his biggest demand of finding a more environmentally friendly way through Nebraska, has been found, and signed off on by Gov. Dave Heineman. Obama even touted that we are now dependent on less foreign oil than ever in his State of the Union speech, but I suppose he does not want that number that number going even lower. In January 2012, Obama did not approve the pipeline due to the election coming up, and his not wanting to anger the green crowd (note that he prefers his interest groups over 20,000 Americans having jobs). Now though, the election is over, and Obama still sees a need to pander to the environmentalist crowd. I have been trying to find a reason for this, and the only one I can see as plausible is the continuation of his job policy of his first term. That policy is dumping billions into green energy companies like SpectraWatt, Solyndra, SunPower, Raser Technologies, Nordic Windpower, ECOtality, Range Fuels, GreenVolts, First Solar, and Satcon, that go bankrupt, sticking taxpayers with the bill.

Republican Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota has been a big backer of the Keystone pipeline, telling Obama in his weekly address, “The real question then, Mr. President, is: Are you going to respect the will and wisdom of a majority of the American people and approve the Keystone XL pipeline, or are you going to submit to the will of vocal special interest groups? Hollywood activists don’t have to worry about energy prices or a weekly paycheck, but working families do.” I have a feeling that Sen. Hoeven’s words will not reach Obama on the golf course, and that the Keystone pipeline, will remain a wasted opportunity for easy job creation.

Obama’s apathy for Americans without jobs is not something new. In June 2011, Obama joked with his jobs council “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected,” in reference to the mythical shovel jobs that his enormous stimulus bill was going to create. Obamacare is further proof of Obama’s attitude towards American job growth. Companies like Welch Allyn, Dana Holding Corp., Stryker, and Medtronic are all planning or implementing layoffs due directly to Obamacare. His refusal to cut a small amount of spending to compromise with Republicans and avoid sequestration will cost a projected 800,000 jobs from the Pentagon alone.

Obama does somewhat care about job growth though. Just not here in America. Imagine how many jobs Michelle has created through her astronomically expensive trips through Europe, shopping with her friends. Probably a few. I predict that Obama will not approve the Keystone pipeline, at least not within the next three months. In fact, I cannot see a situation where Obama would be compelled to approve the pipeline more than he was the past few years when economic woes were hardest.