If you thought that too many Americans are receiving welfare and other entitlements already, think again! Barack Obama is launching a 100 city tour, sending himself and members of his administration nationwide to increase the number of people on the government dole. Forget about spending cuts or our Trillion-dollar-plus annual budget deficits. Or about the $16.5 Trillion dollar National Debt. The only solution Obama and his White House staff of flunkies can come up with is raising taxes to pay for this radical expansion of the Federal Budget.

obama 100 city tour

I know, this is starting to be like beating a dead horse. Unfortunately, the dead horse is the American economy, and perhaps our spirit as a nation, too. Barack Hussein Obama, the first Anti-President of the United States, is doing all he can to trash the country, transforming the entire nation into the City of Detroit. The only difference being that it will be much more difficult to flee such urban decay.

Detroit, voted the most miserable city in America, is easy to escape. Like most large urban centers controlled for decades by Democrat political machines, supported by labor unions, Detroit is bankrupt and failing. The result is that much of the population and businesses have fled to better economic climes. Bloated payrolls, union contracts, and an ever decreasing tax base have led to half or more of Detroit to be abandoned.

After four years of Barack Obama, America is looking more and more like Detroit. About two of three households in Detroit receive a check from the government. With Obama′s 100 city welfare tour, he plans on making this the New Normal nationwide. Bad enough the Obama administration produces advertising to tell Mexicans how to enter America illegally and get on the public dole. At a time when we are seeing more and more cities buckle under the weight of public employee salaries, pensions, and ever growing welfare and entitlement spending, Obama wants to make certain that the Federal government also digs itself into such a deep hole that future generations will be enslaved by our National Debt.