Barack Obama is busy this week scaring America over the upcoming sequestration spending cuts due to begin in just 8 days if a deal with Congress cannot be negotiated. The Pentagon is already warning that some 800,000 jobs may be furloughed or lost as a result. Naturally, the White House is blaming Republicans, even though the whole idea behind sequestration came from Obama. Many pundits wonder why Obama still has good approval numbers in the polls while the same polls show two-thirds or more of Americans oppose his policies? I believe that the nation is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Obama is holding the country hostage, using children, ′first responders′, senior citizens and others as human shields But since he gives his hostages free cell phones, food stamps and other goodies, the oppressed still like their captor.

obama sequestration

Much of the reason behind this is thanks to the help Obama gets from the Far-Left Media bias. MSNBC′s Chuck Todd may think such bias is a myth, but just look at the facts! The press is more concerned about not being allowed to photograph Obama while he enjoyed his $800,000 golf lesson with Tiger Woods than they are about the state of the economy or other serious issues. Hardly a word is mentioned about Russia flying planes armed with nuclear weapons over Guam the very day Obama was inaugurated! Poor John Kerry′s career as Secretary of State is being hamstrung by our National Debt and the general attitude around the world that Obama is a joke. The Russians took ten days to return Kerry′s phone call as a result.

The Liberal Media bias knows no bounds. Take for example the recent statements by some Democrat lawmakers about the best way for women to defend themselves from being raped. Forget using a gun to protect yourself. Vomit, urinate or faint when a rapist attacks you! Joe Biden advises people to buy a double-barrel shotgun and says he tells his wife just to shoot a couple blasts from their shotgun into the night without aiming any at specific target. When a Republican says or does something silly, well, that gets lead story status on their A-Block for at least a week!

About 66 days ago, Obama promised, for about the 20th time, to not rest one day until every American who wants a job has one. Since then, he has had a multi-million-dollar vacation in Hawaii and now his golf weekend with Tiger. During the campaign debates, Obama dismissed sequestration and promised that it would never happen. Here we are just 8 days away and there appears to be little chance of stopping it. Obama and his fellow Democrats argue that the federal government does not have a spending problem while recent polls show that as many as 83% of the population thinks it does. After the first four years of Barack Obama, we have nothing to show for the nearly $6 Trillion dollars of new debt added to future generations. But I am sure that the Liberal Media bias will somehow do its best to tell those 20-somethings of today that Obama is not responsible when they are taxed into slavery when they are 30-somethings.