Arizona Senator John McCain claims massive cover-up on the Benghazi terrorist attack by the Barack Obama White House. Appearing on NBC′s Meet The Press, Sen. McCain raised the subject during his defense of delaying the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. McCain, along with Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, have been very critical of the Obama administration′s transparency concerning Benghazi. In recent weeks during several hearings on Capitol Hill, a disturbing picture is emerging of Obama being totally disengaged during the September 11th attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in the deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

mccain claims massive cover up

For example, while we know that there was an initial briefing to Obama over the telephone by outgoing Dfense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Army General Martin Dempsey, at some point early in the attack, there is a lack of information of any subsequent briefings. Nobody has come forward with details of who briefed Obama, when was he briefed, were there additional briefings during the 8-hour long event and what actions did Obama take in response? Given that the attack began around 3:30pm in the afternoon, Washington time, one would think that Obama would have treated the event with all urgency as our diplomatic mission was under attack. That Obama would have spent much of the evening in the White House Situation Room closely monitoring the attack and doing everything possible to get assistance and rescue our people.

But the results from the inquiries thus far seem to tell a story of ambivalence. Obama appears to be more concerned with his own reelection and preparing for a fundraising trip to Las Vegas the next day. For all we know at this point, Obama probably went to bed and slept while our people were being killed, wounded and tortured in Benghazi. That Obama failed to do much of anything to send aid and protect our people.

Obama claims that this whole Benghazi thing is just politics, a left-over from the 2012 presidential campaign. He even goes as far to tell an audience at a Google chat event last week that he and his administration have already answered all questions concerning Benghazi. Of course, this is a lie, since we still do not know who started the cover story of a silly You-Tube video being responsible for the attack. We have yet to hear from any of the survivors of the attack. There are many unanswered questions, including why was Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi without much security and what was going on at the CIA annex nearby?

So when Senator John McCain claims massive cover-up on Benghazi, he appears to be correct. The Barack Obama White House has offered very few answers to the many questions concerning the terrorist attack. While McCain and Lindsey Graham delay the confirmation vote for Chuck Hagel in hopes of getting some answers, I suspect that the Obama administration will continue to stonewall.