Will Dr. Benjamin Carson run for president in 2016? Appearing on a special edition of Sean Hannity′s ′Saving America′ this weekend, the answer may very well be, YES! Dr. Carson caused quite a stir two weeks ago when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. With Barack Hussein Obama sitting just a few feet away, Dr. Carson lectured our nation′s first Anti-President on how to properly run the country. The good doctor warned of our growing National Debt, the ill effects of Big Government and the folly of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., ObamaCare. Being Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Dr. Carson knows a thing or two about our health care system. Struggling from poverty in Detroit, Michigan to become one of the nation′s top 20 scientists and physicians shows that he also knows a thing or two about life in general, especially how to succeed at it!

dr benjamin carson

Dr. Caron′s biography reads like a movie. In fact, his autobiography, Gifted Hands, was made into a movie! He′s won numerous awards, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the NAACP′s Springarn Medal, was named a ′Living Legend′ by the Library of Congress and is a member of the Horatio Alger Society of Distinguished Americans. Dr. Carson pioneered surgical procedures for separating conjoined twins, operates on some 300 children per year and defeated prostrate cancer which threatened his own life.

This June, he′ll be retiring as Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery and given his background and life′s story, I find it difficult to believe that he will go quietly into the dusk fly fishing or taking up some other hobby. When pressed by Hannity during his appearance on Fox News, Dr. Carson replied that he would only go into politics if God grabbed him by the collar. Well, I think that has already happened.

Dr. Carson spoke ′truth to power′ during his speech before the National Prayer Breakfast. In about 25 minutes, he laid out the entire ′Common Sense Conservative′ ideology in a way we have not seen since…, you guessed it…, Ronald Reagan! Forget about Marco Rubio! Even Frank Luntz and his infamous dial-meters of swing voters showed that Dr. Carson got high scores from both Republicans and Democrats.

Naturally, the Far-Left gangs of Liberals, Progressives, Marxists and Socialists of all ilks have already begun trashing Dr. Benjamin Carson. But, with his biography, about all they can pin on him is that he may have been a tad rude for verbally beating up Barack Obama in person at what usually is thought to be a friendly, bipartisan affair of the National Prayer Breakfast. However, I think it was a proper setting, since it will require a great deal of prayer to right the wrongs of the Obama administration.

Good thing Dr. Benjamin Carson is on our side! I look forward to hearing Dr. Carson announcing his intentions to run for president in 2016, which I suspect we shall hear sometime by next summer. I would not wait too long if I were him. Certainly not till the 2014 mid-terms are over. If he really wants to do this and succeed, Dr. Carson will need an early jump start over the expected crowd of contenders. But there is no doubt that once he begins, his clear message and ability to communicate it will make him a front runner. He′s got my vote already! He′s just the man we need to give Big Government a lobotomy!