The most talked about event from this week′s State of the Union address was when Florida Senator Marco Rubio reaches for water in the middle of his response speech. Viewed by some as the ′Republican Savior′, Rubio is already a leading contender for the 2016 presidential campaign. The content of his speech was generally good, touching on many of the differences between the Republican Party and Barack Obama and the Democrats. Rubio even injected some hometown, West Miami, examples to show the world that he comes from humble, Middle Class origins and still is untainted by the power of being a member of the United States Senate. But is the GOP already setting itself up for another disappointing failure in the search for the next Ronald Reagan?

rubio reaches for water

Rubio is attractive on many levels. Despite the water bottle gaffe, which one would think should have been staged better after the Paul Ryan debate with Joe Biden, Rubio is a reasonably good speaker. His prime-time speech at the National Republican Convention was certainly a launch pad for a presidential run in 2016. But in the end, neither that speech, nor his SOTU response, truly held anything memorable. Both speeches were a tad long and touched on too many subjects. As we have learned in 2012, the Low Information Voter can only handle so much for a very short amount of time.

The excuse for when Marco Rubio reaches for water during the SOTU speech is that he had already taped an 18-minute speech in Spanish to pander to Hispanic voters. So his 20-minute English version was drying him out under the hot TV camera lights. While you will get no argument from me that Rubio would make a far better president than Barack Hussein Obama, or any other Democrat contender for 2016, is he really the Republican Savior? Come on, be serious! I′m sure the folks in West Miami would be excited, but there is already an issue of him not being a ′Mexican-Hispanic′, which makes up the majority of the Hispanic voting block that everyone is so keen on winning now. Most Cuban-Americans vote for Republican Party candidates now as it is. So if Karl Rove and others in the GOP Establishment think Rubio will break the ice and win Hispanic votes, they may be sadly mistaken. Too bad hardly anybody is talking about Rand Paul′s Tea Party response to Obama, which may be viewed below.