The nationwide manhunt for Liberal Democrat cop-killer, Christopher Dorner, ended in a shootout and a blazing cabin yesterday. Dorner met his fate in the mountains of San Bernardino County near Big Bear, California, not far from where his burnt-out pick-up truck was found last week. Hiding in a nearby cabin, Dorner was surprised when two women arrived to clean the residence. Although he tied them up, one escaped to notify police, causing Dorner to flee, car-jack another vehicle. But he was soon spotted and a moving shootout began as a car chase ensued until he crashed. Dorner then fled on foot to another cabin, where he again exchanged gunfire with authorities. Surrounded and isolated, Dorner apparently shot himself as the cabin began burning, possibly from teargas grenades. His charred body was recovered and awaits positive identification.

dorner shootout

Now, some of you might be wondering why I call Dorner a Liberal Democrat? Am I just making hay, injecting politics into the story? Certainly not! Just read his manifesto. Dorner shared many views of Barack Obama and Democrats. Dorner launched his killing spree seeking social justice. He wanted revenge, just as Obama told people to vote for him out of revenge. Dorner also advocated stricter gun control so law-abiding citizens could not defend themselves from criminals or from a tyrannical state.

Add to this how Dorner has become a folk hero of Liberals, Progressives, Marxists and Socialists of all stripes. He is all the rage on Twitter as supporters cheered him on to kill more police and their family members. Not unlike other ′cause-celebrity′ criminals like Mumia Abu-Jamal. Perhaps if Dorner had been taken alive, he, too, would have gotten his own radio show on NPR while in prison? Progressive-Liberal-Democrat-Socialists just love mass murderers like Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler. They all express their rage against everything that is decent, Christian, and vital to Western Civilization.

Now that the Christopher Dorner shootout has ended the nationwide manhunt for the cop-killing Liberal Democrat, Obama has one less supporter for his new wave of gun control laws. Dorner died in a firey blaze as the mountain cabin he was hiding in near Big Bear, California went up in flames. The San Bernardino County Sheriff′s office responded well and surrounded Dorner as he tried to escape. One less Liberal Democrat to worry about killing law-abiding citizens.