It was fitting last night that NatGeo TV aired Doomsday Preppers episode, Solutions Not Problems, at the same time as Barack Obama′s State of the Union address. Both of our featured preppers are preparing for an economic collapse, which is closer to happening should Obama increase taxes and spending as he proposed. But our hardy preppers are getting ready for the chaos which will follow. One will use an available resource, piles of rocks, to defend his life and property. Another fellow who bought an old Atlas missile silo in Kansas to convert into a doomsday bunker is seeking love, hoping to find that special someone to share and survive the Apocalypse with! How romantic!

doomsday preppers solutions not problems
Doomsday Prepper Jeff takes Stephanie on a bunker date to his Atlas missile silo hide out. Image Credit: National Geographic.

We begin with Doug, The Rock Man, who owns a quarry in Tennessee. He and his wife are gearing up for an economic collapse. With Obama planning to further degrade the national currency and credit line, Doug is busy buying rolls of 50-cent pieces from his local bank, searching for pre-1970 half-dollars containing silver. In one roll he examines on camera, he finds six, making his $20 roll of coins actually worth $100! Doug is also burying a large bunker underground, using concrete to make a solid and dry foundation. But that is not all!

Being in the landscape-rock business, Doug has piles and piles of rocks. All shapes and sizes. With help from Ines, a loyal employee and fellow prepper, they set up several piles near the roadways to cause rock slides and block any access. With their heavy equipment, they can build a nice wall in a half-hour when needed. Doug and Ines are solution, not problem, orientated. They construct several pillboxes to form a perimeter around their bunker. The rock piles also offer a great place to stash extra caches of supplies. The experts from Practical Preppers score Doug a big 69 points, giving him at least 12 months of survival.

Then we have Jeff in Wisconsin, who has traded in his life of fast cars and faster women for prepping. The owner of a construction company, Jeff bought a surplus Atlas missile silo in Kansas three years ago and has been busy renovating it. Unfortunately, he can only work on the silo periodically a couple of times a year and there is much that needs doing. Two friends help him out but they are a long way from being able to move in.

Jeff is lonely, too! He has not been dating much for the last six years and decides that it is time to start looking for a doomsday bride. Using the Internet, he sets up three dates on one night. First up is Stephanie, who simply seems all wrong for post-apocalyptic survival. The date ends early but Jeff is ready with the next lady, Laura. She likes to shoot, hunt and knows how to operate heavy equipment! Laura also seems pretty game to spend doomsday in the bottom of an old ICBM silo. Jeff then meets with Serle′ who is a former Navy Search and Rescue operator. She not only knows how to shoot but also has medical skills.

So, which of the three does Jeff call back for a second date? Stephanie, of course! UGH! For the next date, Jeff meets Stephanie at the entrance to his property. For security purposes, he tells her that he must blindfold her so she will not know the exact location of his silo-bunker. She reluctantly agrees, probably since there is a film crew from National Geographic with them. LOL! Even though she was told that she would be visiting Jeff′s bunker, Stephanie still had to wear a denim skirt, which causes some embarrassment as she crawls down into the silo. The place is a mess and she is not all that impressed. Yet, strangely enough, she seems willing to date Jeff again, so long as it is in a more conventional setting. Jeff doesn′t date her again. The experts score Jeff a pitiful 56, giving him only 2 months of post-apocalyptic survival.

That wraps up another fun episode of Doomsday Preppers, Solutions Not Problems. Doug the Rock Man certainly has his act together while Jeff divides his time between working on his missile silo bunker and dating potential doomsday brides. Both men share one aspect, that they believe an economic collapse is coming soon. Thank you National Geographic for an alternative to another Barack Obama State of the Union address filled with lies and bad ideas, which will help bring about said economic collapse. I was also happy to see my favorite TV commercial, the Barbasol WW2 ad. Check it out below! It’s hilarious!