When Obama walked in to give his State of the Union Address, MSNBC began its coverage with a Sun Tzu quote which said, “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” Thus began the media’s night of love for Obama.

MSNBC was my main, post speech channel. Chris Mathews notably fumed about the immigration portion of Obama’s speech, claiming that Obama didn’t put forth any real proposals and that closing the border was a terrible idea. Chris and his magic tingling leg also labeled immigration as this year’s “great hope,” suggesting that Republicans don’t want illegal immigrants to become legal, as they would vote against them. Chris was also extremely optimistic about Obama pulling troops from Afghanistan, saying “that’s gunna be real, he’s completely in charge of that decision, he’s going to do it.” He seems to have forgotten that Obama was also commander-in-chief these past four years. But don’t worry, now he’s completely in charge of that decision.

Alex Wagner (Host of Now With Alex Wagner) was particularly peeved that Republicans cannot even be bothered to give the President a standing ovation on equal pay, or a fair voting system. Apparently, if Obama does not get a huge amount of applause, every time he utters a sentence, then there is something wrong with those who did not applause.

Rachel Maddow was especially passionate about the increase in minimum wage. Claiming that it is an absolute Democrat Party winner, and that it will put people above the poverty line. Forgetting how simple common sense will tell us, that paying people more for menial tasks will only raise the poverty line, not push people above it. This logic is obviously lost among Charlie Rangel, Valerie Jarrett (senior White House advisor), and Rachel Maddow.

Staying with MSNBC, Chris Hayes was giddy with the fact that Obama has the power, through the EPA, to put in place cap and trade. I have never seen someone so excited that an executive in our government has so much power. Keeping with the giddiness, Ezra Klein was, in his words, “stunned,” in how much was in Obama’s speech. Klein praised it as the opposite of those on the presidential campaign trail, stating that Obama put forth tons of new policy. I found the State of the Union Address to be almost identical to an Obama campaign speech, but I suppose that’s why I do not write for MSNBC.

Overall, it was a night of whimsy for the liberal media. They claimed that Obama had made great strides in setting forth his second term agenda, while he really didn’t put forth anything he hadn’t on the campaign trail. This media isn’t one to let the fact that we were just fed a campaign speech let them stop from praising their precious leader Obama.