Shocking news from Vatican City announced this Monday morning that Pope Benedict XVI will resign as of February 28 due to health reasons. The 85 year old successor to Saint Peter is weak and doctors have warned him against any further overseas flights. The last time a Pope resigned was in the 15th Century when Pope Gregory XII quit in 1415 as part of an agreement to end the Great Western Schism. The news today begins with a statement from the Pope saying, ″After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.″ One can admire the courage of admitting that it is best to leave now and permit someone more capable to carry on.

pope benedict xvi resigns

Too bad we do not have the same intelligence from many of our elected officials in Washington. Many politicians linger on, clinging to their seats of power like desperate survivors of a shipwreck grasping for a lifesaver. Folks like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi demonstrate how intellectually exhausted they are. They, and others like them, contribute nothing positive and have become drags on the system. They offer no new ideas and block any attempt to bring about reforms and true progress.

So hats off and respect to Pope Benedict XVI for deciding to resign Saint Peter′s seat of power over the Catholic Church. Vatican City announced today, Monday, that the Pope will step down as the head of the Petrine Ministry come February 28. He will be the first Pope to resign since 1415 when Gregory XII stepped down to complete a deal to end the Great Western Schism within The Church. At 85, the Pope′s health has become an issue, now preventing him from long distance travel. A tough call to make but one which Benedict shows great courage and intelligence in voluntarily giving up such power.