Actor Clint Eastwood slams partisan politics during an interview on CNBC′s ″Sqauwk Box″ on Friday. Already known for his criticism of Barack Obama during the infamous ′empty chair′ speech at the Republican National Convention last year, Clint Eastwood also isn′t satisfied with Congress, either. ″It′s almost like they don′t give a damn.″, said Eastwood, who went on to say, ″So if they don′t give a damn, why do they expect anybody else to?″ Clint did have kind words for former Senator Alan Simpson and ex-White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles for their efforts in providing an outline for a solution to our fiscal woes. But even Obama rejected the Simpson-Bowles Plan, so is it any wonder that the New Normal is turning into a repeat of the old Jimmy Carter malaise?

clint eastwood

Since the November election, America has become more sullen, more pessimistic. The Era of the Low Information Voter has begun, where people cast their votes not for any long-term ideological reasons, but merely to keep and maintain their own special needs and programs. We saw earlier this week how a Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, Dr. Benjamin Carson, eloquently demolished Obama′s Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare, in less than 60 seconds, with Obama himself just a few feet away. This was followed by yet another update by the Congressional Budget Office showing that not only will Obama′s healthcare insurance scheme cost far more than advertized, but will also result in at least 7 Million Americans losing their current insurance coverage.

There is no doubt that our Number One domestic problem is the nation′s fiscal shortcomings. But Obama does not accept the realities of there being too much federal spending. Instead, we are deflected with other matters, such as immigration and gun control, and offered solutions to both that do little to change their effects. In Congress, the situation is no better than at the White House. The lack of leadership and strong commitment to principles adds to the growing pessimism and uncertainty throughout the land. What a shock it was to many Liberals to learn that low income workers actually felt the pinch of taxes going up when the payroll tax break was not extended.

Already the forces of Obama and Harry Reid are gearing up to introduce more increases in taxes and offer no real spending cuts to the federal budget. They have already factored in the sequestration cuts which now imperil our national defense. One aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman, has had its mission to the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf region delayed due to budget constraints, while another carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln′s refueling and refit has been postponed. All so Sandra Fluke and her like may get free birth control and a cell phone.

So there is no doubt that Clint Eastwood isn′t satisfied with Congress or the Barack Obama White House. He slams partisan politics since both Republicans and Democrats appear more concerned with their own reelections than serving the nation. Eastwood′s interview on CNBC′s ″Squawk Box″ may not get the play that his ′empty chair′ speech at the Republican National Convention did, but Clint does say what is on the minds of many Americans. If our politicians in Washington do not care about the country, then why should we?