Hollywood and other celebrity idiots are always fun when they pontificate on politics. Comedian Chris Rock spoke out in favor of the Barack Obama gun control plan, telling White voters that Obama should be obeyed because Obama is our ′Boss′ and ′Dad′ of the nation! Apparently, Rock missed that day in school where the concept of our elected officials were suppose to be working for us, The People, and not the other way around. Chris Rock instead chooses to think of America as just like your typical, Third-World dictatorship, built around a personality cult of a strong-man leader. Not only is Obama not our boss, nor our father, but he is not even a ′strong-man′! More like a ′straw-man′ is closer to the truth…

chris rock obama

And here I thought that Barack Hussein Obama was the son from an illegal marriage to a drunken, polygamist, Kenyan Marxist! Sorry to disappoint you, Chris Rock, but Obama is not our boss! He works for us, or at least that is what the Constitution says. I suppose Rock might be confused since Obama has yet to show any signs that he is actually doing any work for us.

Rock was not alone in his ′celebrity′ support of the Obama gun control plan. Another fool, singer Tony Bennett, also appeared at the same gathering and proclaimed that if we did not implement stricter gun control laws, the rest of the world would confront us as was the case of Nazi Germany. Huh? This is almost as stupid as Chris Rock′s remark! Unfortunately, Bennett also appears to have missed the day in school when the history of Hitler enacting the strictest gun control laws in Europe was taught. I suppose the answer to these flaws in education can be blamed on teacher unions and the Progressive-Socialist agenda of Academe in deliberately misleading students in order to make them as ignorant as possible so they qualify as Low Information Voters.

Perhaps somebody will tell Chris Rock that Barack Obama is not our boss, that he actually is suppose to be working for us, The People, including White voters. Also, that Obama is not our Dad nor are we obligated to merely obey his every whim. Maybe Chris Rock and other idiot celebrities should go and live in a Third World dictatorship where they will feel more at home? The Obama gun control plan is pointless and would do little, if anything, to prevent another shooting such as the one at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut. Even Joe Biden admits to that truth! Will Obama take a cue from this and start calling himself Boss Barack Daddy Obama?