Here is manly man Barack Hussein Obama firing a weapon. Look at the steady hand, the steely eyes, the determination, and of course the presidential crotch. From the angle it appears that our heroic president is shooting skeet that are laying on the ground, but we’ll take it on faith that our president truly is an expert marksman, body surfer, bowler, quarterback, basketball player, lion tamer, and tireless advocate for us, the little people who live in his economy. Our expert commenters shall now provide an appropriate caption for this photo.

Caption this photo of Obama shooting skeet!

Winners will be below the fold on Monday!


1st Place!
“Huh, Michelle runs pretty fast for a big gal but she makes a bigger target going away.”
2nd Place!
Chris in N.Va
”Presidential shooting-off-at-the-mouth technique:
3rd Place!
rodney dill
“No, Mr. President, You’re supposed to yell PULL, not PRESENT.”
Honorable Mention Place!
“Dad, that was my frisbee you ass hole !”
Honorable Mention Place!
Awlhattin O’Kaddle
“Chris Rock Daddy take aim at Bitter Clingers
Honorable Mention Place!
L Rivera
“OK, Bo, sic her!””


It’s Friday which means it is time again for the weekly photo contest. Come up with a funny description of this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced on Monday!

1. Shut up! If you are reading the rules for a caption contest, you need to get a drink and come back in a better mood.
2. You can enter as many times as you like, in fact it is encouraged.
3. A first, second and third place winner will be declared.
4. Winner will receive the rare and highly-coveted Right Punditeer award, which has not been given away on these pages since last week.
5. Second and third will receive a smaller version, appropriately scaled to their achievement.
6. Contest is over Monday 6pm PT.