Winter Storm Nemo, as the Weather Channel calls it, is headed towards New England and threatens to blanket the Northeast United States in upwards of two-feet of snow! According to the National Weather Service, the winter storm will move up from the Carolinas and by Friday evening and into Saturday, cause significant snowfall from New York City to the State of Maine. High winds, gusting from 65 to 70 MPH are expected. Nemo could turn into a classic Nor′eastern, an off-season hurricane-like storm, reeking havoc to a region still trying to recover from the super-storm known as Hurricane Sandy with blizzard conditions. The Mid-Atlantic region will receive heavy rain and thunder storms starting today through Friday as Nemo progresses on its expected storm track. Some forecasts are already predicting this to be one of the top five snow storms to hit Boston in its history!

winter storm nemo

As we can see in the satellite image, Nemo is just one of three storm fronts moving through the Eastern half of the United States. Another system working its way across the Great Lakes region will probably merge with Nemo as it reaches the New Jersey/New York area. This will intensify Nemo, adding strength and more precipitation to this weekend′s weather event. A third storm moving Northeast from the Mississippi Valley is forecast to be blocked by Nemo and will turn more Northenly as it reaches the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys.

Those in the path of Winter Storm Nemo, as dubbed by the Weather Channel, should prepare for the oncoming blizzard. With the National Weather Service predicting as much as two feet of snow and high winds from New York City, through Boston and up into Maine over Friday and Saturday, use today to get ready. Be sure and stock up on any food or other necessities now before the winter storms arrives. By late Saturday, any form of travel may be extremely difficult, even walking, especially if Nemo becomes a true Nor′eastern.