In Alabama yesterday, a teacher was suspended for 10 days for referring to ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ during his class lecture. Bob Grisham, who teaches psychology at Lauderdale County High School, was suspended for 10 days without pay, ordered to take sensitivity training, meet monthly with the school’s director of personnel, and suspended from teaching for one year after a student taped his lecture.

Grisham made the comment on January 27, when during a class discussion about the low-calorie lunch menu, said that it was due to ‘fat butt Michelle Obama’. He then claimed that “look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight.” He also apparently made offensive remarks about gays during his lecture, but the reason for the punishment was the supersized attack on the First Lady’s posterior.

First of all, this happened in Alabama. Alabama??? Whither the South, when Alabama schools are this politically correct.

Second, this should be a lesson for all teachers. Have your students sign a confidentiality contract at the beginning of the semester, unless something is said that violates the law. Otherwise, you will have to watch every word you say.

Third, what kind of school has a policy against talking about public officials’ posterior, and whether they cause a shift in the tides? Is this just a Michelle Obama clause, or does the same thing hold for Chris Christie?

Finally, isn’t this an ‘emperor’s new clothes’ kind of deal? Everyone knows that she has a big butt, don’t they? Is it against the policy to say Serena Williams has a big butt, too?

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