Barack Obama once again missed a legal deadline for sending a budget proposal to Congress. For the fourth time in five years, the Obama Administration proves that it is the laziest and most illegal presidency in the history of America. Only in 2011 did the White House send its budget proposal to Congress before the deadline of the first Monday of February. Propaganda Secretary Jay Carney claims that they are late due to the Fiscal Cliff debate. But this simply does not pass the smell test as each administration has a team which should be doing nothing but working year-round on budget issues. So is this a case of a lack of leadership, or just another sign of the contempt that Obama has for the laws of our nation, including the Constitution?

obama breaks law
Forget having the 10 Commandments in our schools, but Obama approves of portraits of he and his wife in churches! Image Source: White House

I would say a bit of all of the above! Obama is the laziest president in U.S. history. He has already been shown to disregard the Constitution on many occasions. Obama sees himself far above the law, not only with budget and fiscal matters, but in sending U.S. military forces into harms way without Congressional approval and his protocols for drone strikes leaves many people suspicious. His Justice Department picks and chooses which laws they intend to enforce, be it immigration or DOMA. While Obama is now talking up gun control his administration handed out thousands of ′assault weapons′ to Mexican drug gangs, responsible for killing not only Americans but hundreds, if not thousands, of Mexican citizens.

This leaves us with the question of just how far will Obama go in breaking our nation′s laws? Will there be some attempt to alter or ignore the Constitution to allow Obama to run for a third term? Is he setting the stage to make himself president for life? Who can say?

The bottom line is that once again, Barack Obama has missed the legal deadline for submitting a budget proposal to Congress. The Obama White House, either through laziness or arrogance, or both, continues its testing of the limits of executive authority under the U.S. Constitution. The Obama Administration routinely breaks the laws of America. But since he does so to allegedly benefit the Low Information Voters, the State-controlled Media gives him a pass.