***UPDATE*** 6:15 am EST MBT

I wanted to start out this morning with our eye on the prize: the general election with some polling showing some interesting results:

CNN: McCain 47, Clinton 50
NPR: McCain 48, Clinton 45
ABC/Wash. Post: McCain 49, Clinton 46
Fox News: McCain 46, Clinton 44
Rassmussen: McCain 48, Clinton 40

CNN: McCain 44, Obama 51
NPR: McCain 48, Obama 47
Rassmussen: McCain 47, Obama 41
Fox News: McCain 43, Obama 44
ABC/Wash Post: McCain 46, Obama 49

Romney: Clinton:
CNN Romney 41, Clinton 56
ABC/Wash Post: Romney 41, Clinton 53
FOX News: Romney 36, Clinton 50
NPR: Romney 44, Clinton 49
Rasmussen: Romney 42, Clinton 47
NBC/WSJ:Romney 36, Clinton 52


I won’t even bother to post these. Obama would clean up in all the polls, with the best percentage being 9%, and the worst, 23%. For Rpublicans, an Obama:Romney match-up would be the worst, if the election were held now.

Our thanks to our furry friends at Hedgehog Report for some good polling data:

Romney 40%
McCain 32%
Huckabee 12%
Paul 5% Obama 46%
Hillary 40%
Gravel <1%

McCain 35%
Huckabee 27%
Romney 24%
Paul 5% Obama 47%
Hillary 42%
Gravel <1%

McCain 52%
Romney 26%
Huckabee 7%
Paul 4% Hillary 43%
Obama 43%
Gravel 1%

No Results Obama 48%
Hillary 31%
Gravel 2%

McCain 53%
Romney 19%
Huckabee 8%
Paul 5% No Results

These polls were all done February 1-3. Two polls from California out yesterday from Scott Rasmussen (R/D) and American Research Group (R/D).


McCain 38%
Romney 38%
Huckabee 10%
Paul 6% Obama 45%
Hillary 44%


Romney 33%
McCain 32%
Huckabee 16%
Paul 8% Hillary 47%
Obama 39%

The Rasmussen poll was done February 2nd among 693 Republicans and 798 Democrats. The American Research Group poll was done February 1-2 among 600 likely voters in each party.

Rasmussen also had a poll from Georgia (R/D)


McCain 31%
Romney 29%
Huckabee 28%
Paul 6% Obama 52%
Hillary 37%

This poll was done February 2nd among 783 Republicans and 542 Democrats. And finally, Romney is having trouble reaching the 90% mark in Utah according to a new poll from Dan Jones and Associates.


Romney 84%
McCain 4% Obama 53%
Hillary 29%

Polster Zogby states:

Pollster John Zogby: “A very big single day for Obama in California (49%-32% over Clinton) and Missouri (49%-39% single day). In California, Obama has widened his lead in the north and pulled ahead in the south. He leads among Democrats and Independents, liberals and moderates, men (by 21 points),among whites, and African Americans. He holds big leads among voters who say Iraq and immigration are their top concerns. Clinton holds a big lead among Hispanics (though Obama has made some inroads), women, voters over 65, and has pulled ahead among those citing the economy.

“In Missouri, Obama leads two to one in the St. Louis region, and has solid leads with independents, voters under 50, and African Americans. He also leads among Missouri women. Clinton leads among whites and has big leads in the Kansas City and southwestern region.

“New Jersey tied in the single day as well as three-day. It is razor thin close in all regions. Obama has 12 point leads among Independents and men, while Clinton is up by 12 among women. Obama has a 25 point lead among young voters, while Clinton leads among older voters.

“Among California Republicans, a big day for Romney. He now leads both in the north and south, among women, voters under 65, and holds huge leads among both conservatives and very conservative voters.

“For Missouri Republicans there is a split vote against McCain — with the differences mainly among conservatives and very conservative voters.

“Still looks like a good day ahead for McCain, but a Romney victory in California could mean some meetings on Wednesday morning.”

The Zogby Poll has Obama up by 6% in California 40-46, Mason-Dixon has Hillary up by 9: 45-36 and Rassmussen has almost a dead-heat, with Obama edging out Hillary 45-46.

Here’s some Georgia polls that Hedgehog didn’t post:

Date McCain Romney Huckabee Paul
Rassmussen 02/02 31 29 28 6
InsiderAdvantage 02/02 29 30 28 2
Mason-Dixon 01/30 33 27 18 4

I don’t know much about Insider Advantange, but the major polling, and the conventional wisodm, based on Florida and my Georgia sources, is that Romney is having a tough time amongst charismatic Christians.


My Democratic Georgia source tells me that Obama is pulling away in Georgia for the Dems, but on the GOP side, it is almost an even 3-way race….