Obamacare was passed, challenged, upheld by the Supreme Court, and has begun to be put into effect. I’m sure it will be challenged again at the Supreme Court once certain provisions have begun to be executed, and I hope they rule against it. However, Obamacare being put into effect does not concern me nearly as much as the growing amount of rights that people think they are entitled to. Among life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we have the Bill of Rights and seventeen other amendments to the Constitution, and nowhere is healthcare listed as a guaranteed, government protected right as an American. Why is it then that it has been treated as such in the past few years under the Obama administration?

Healthcare has always been about choice in a free market. You can shop around for competitive prices, much like getting a car. You do not however, shop around for a speedy trial, or to not house troops in your home. These are rights, healthcare is not. It is not the governments job to make sure that you have access to healthcare, just like it is not the job of the government to provide people with cars. Yet, it has gotten into the governments head that it is indeed a right that it is determined to secure for all Americans. For Americans that wish to have the freedom to choose whether they enter the healthcare market or not, they will receive huge fines.

What would happen to the rest of America if other parts of the free market were suddenly deemed rights? What if iPads were suddenly deemed something every American deserves? What if pudding cups were declared an essential component to American life? What if it was decided that cell phones were god given and unalienable? We would descend on the slippery slope to, oh wait…Low income Americans do get cell phones. They get housing, food stamps and welfare checks every week. And in recent years welfare has been dramatically expanded. In 2011, $61,194 was spent on each 16,807,795 households in poverty (on average).

This “right to welfare” has been a sad occurrence in the United States that has been extensively increased in the recent years under the Obama administration. During the recent debt ceiling crisis’, entitlements have been only been lightly feigned at by the Republican’s in Congress, and totally protected by Obama. There is almost no need for people to work anymore with the great care that the Obama administration will bestow upon them. Not working is more appealing than working. Would someone work 12 hours a day, five days a week at minimum wage for a little over $400, when they could collect food stamps, welfare checks and a phone for doing nothing? Americans are smart enough to realize this, and many are taking advantage of those who work, courtesy of our dear leader Obama.

Soon I suspect that free cable subscriptions will be next entitlement given to those who the government deems worthy. The only question is whether it will be DirecTV of Comcast, depending on who gives more to Hillary or Biden in 2016.