The day of Super Bowl 2013, or Super Bowl XLVII (that is 47 for you non-Latin readers), is finally here! So it is time to make some Super Bowl predictions. After two weeks of hype, mostly centering around the battle of the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis and deer antler spray, and the usual Super Bowl commercial controversies, we will now see what happens on the playing field. So who will triumph today at the New Orleans Super Bowl? The San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens?

super bowl 2013
Who will win Super Bowl XLVII? Image Credit: NFL

Being from Detroit, I have no stake in the game. Not really much stake in NFL football overall. After decades of disappointments from the Lions, it is hard to get excited about this sporting event. So I′ve made this one an Open Thread, in case you folks would like to comment about some other pressing issues gnawing away in your souls. Or, you may let us know your predictions for the big game tonight. Who will win? Who will be MVP? Which commercial was your favorite?

I will start the ball rolling by predicting that Beyounce will not have any wardrobe malfunctions. I realize that if she did, it would be the talk of week around the old water cooler. Next, my vote for best commercial so far is leaning towards the Snickers ad with Robin Williams. I love the part where he tells a player to go out and make balloon animals. Priceless!

As for the game itself, I suppose I will go with the Las Vegas odds-makers and give the edge to the Ravens. Nobody likes a blow-out, especially the networks and their commercial clients. So I will predict a final score of 33 to 30 over the 49ers. Ray Lewis will get the MVP in honor of his retirement and introducing the world to deer antler spray. Those are my Super Bowl 2013 predictions. What are your predictions for Super Bowl XLVII?