The Superbowl is finally here, and Obama is unfortunately still here. Whether he eats the dog or not, there is no doubt that America has eaten his bitter desserts for the past four years. Someday this national nightmare will all be over, meanwhile we have the San Francisco 49ers versus the Baltimore Ravens. Go Niners!

Caption this photo!

Winners will be below the fold on Monday!

It’s Friday which means it is time again for the weekly photo contest. Come up with a funny description of this photo and you just might be the lucky winner to be announced on Monday!


1st Place!
L Rivera
“Stay! Stay! I’m gonna tax it and that’s it!”
2nd Place!
”Sorry Bo, the republicans raised the price on mouth sized balls in the last quarter.“
3rd Place!
rodney dill
Honorable Mention Place!
“Obama rolls out to the left to avoid the rush-no surprise there, he’s a renowned lefty- oh, he spiked the ball before entering the end zone! The ref is signaling for a TD! Well, they all know what he intended to do & the Supreme Court will uphold the call anyway. The Dems rout of the Reps continues while on the sideline, GOP QB Mitt Romney looks stunned, no surprise there either”


1. Shut up. If you are reading the rules for a caption contest, you need to get a drink and come back in a better mood.
2. You can enter as many times as you like, in fact it is encouraged.
3. A first, second and third place winner will be declared.
4. Winner will receive the vaunted Right Punditeer award, which has not been given away on these pages for four years.
5. Second and third will receive a smaller version, appropriately scaled to the achievement.
6. Contest is over Monday 6pm PT.