Yesterday Hadiya Pendleton was gunned down in Chicago, IL. Hadiya was a 15-year-old honor student and one of the privileged students who preformed at the Presidents inauguration earlier this month. She was gunned down, after taking an exam, in a park known for gang violence.

This story, heart-achingly sad, is ignored or only a by-line on mainstream media news outlets. Why, because there would be no political advantages in reporting the rising gun violence in Obama’s Windy City. Chicago is run by the Democratic Party, the mayor being Rahm Emanuel, and Unions (it also sports the toughest gun control laws we have in the United States) has already had 41 gun related murders; A ten- year record high.

It is obvious that the media has already made its choice on the gun control issue. While exploiting the Sandy Hook Massacre we are bombarded with anti-gun sentiments in news line-ups and commercials. Yet, none of the laws that are being passed (by executive order or otherwise) would have, or will, stop a mentally-ill armed man with an agenda. The NRA and responsible gun owners are now likened to sex offenders and their names and numbers are being broadcasted in newspapers and on TV alike.

The cases like Miss Pendleton are lost in the white noise of media gun bias. You see, Democrats in senate and congress (and their media lap dogs) are not at all concerned with the hundreds of crimes and deaths that happen to mainly minority gun violence victims in Chicago. To make this a head liner story the media would have to explain why the democratic run city, with its strict gun laws, has a record high murder rate and is financially going bankrupt. That doesn’t sound at all helpful to their cause does it?

To the Hadiya Pendleton family: our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of need. God Bless you.