In between launching rockets, testing nuclear bombs and threatening the United States and South Korea, there appears to be a growing rate in North Korea of cannibalism. Stories of cannibalism spreading coincide with the ongoing famine which in two provinces, has caused some 10,000 deaths recently, according to the Sunday Times. Then there is the father who was tried and found guilty of murdering his two children so he could eat them. The Asia Press ran a story recently about a man who dug up his departed grandchild to eat. Boiling children and eating them seems to be the New Normal in North Korea.

north korea cannibalism
North Korea may have cannibalism, but Kim Jong-Un has not missed any meals.

Such stories are not new. North Korea has had a famine now for well over a decade. Reports of people dying in the streets from starvation have been floating for many years. Part of the justification for easing sanctions on currency transactions with the Communist nation was to allow them to buy food in exchange for scrapping their nuclear weapons program. But, as we all know, the government in Pyonyang went forward anyway. Now they appear to have the capability of launching an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, ICBM, at the United States. They have also warned South Korea that any further economic sanctions would result in war.

There had been some hope that North Korea′s new leader, Kim Jong Un, might be more open to negotiations due to his being educated abroad, mainly in Europe. That his taste for all things Western may sway him to make dramatic reforms. But alas, it seems that he is just going through the motions, keeping the ruling class of Old-Guard, hard-line military and party officials happy.

So while North Korea cannibalism is nothing new, it does appear that the famine is getting worse and more people are partaking in eating their children. Not all that different from us, except that under the New Normal of Barack Hussein Obama, we are eating our children and grandchildren financially. Destroying whatever future prosperity they might hope to have one day.