Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent five and a half hours on Wednesday testifying before various Congressional hearings about the September 11 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. For the most part the affair was a love-fest with members of the House and Senate praising her for her time at the State Department. Almost 90 minutes passed in her first appearance before a Senate committee when Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned her about the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. Hillary took offense at the question and responded ′What difference does it make now?′ in regards to why the American people have yet to hear from the survivors of the terrorist attack. When confronted by other serious questions, Clinton answered that she never read any cables from Stevens, had no input on the talking points given to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and generally was too busy talking to world leaders to deal with details.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), slammed Hillary Clinton, as he was unsatisfied with her answers. Sen. Paul told her that had he been president, he would have fired her. There was little hope that we would get any useful information out of Clinton on Benghazi Gate. Her appearance yesterday on Capitol Hill only confirms what we have known all along. That the Obama administration completely fumbled the ball on Benghazi. Efforts to rescue the besieged diplomats were minimal at best. Attention by policy makers in Washington to warning signs leading up to the attack were totally ignored. The cover-up and phony story about a You-Tube video being responsible were lame and contrived.

About the only real news, if we can call it such, from the hearings is that it is very obvious that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. Just about every Democrat, and even some Republicans, gave her encouragement to run. Some even expressed the desire that they wished she had won in 2008! By sheer coincidence, the Hillary Clinton campaign debts from 2008, which had been as much as $30 million dollars, were magically paid off this week! How nice is that?

This pretty much wraps up the Benghazi Gate hearings. We may still have more later should survivors of the attack become available to give testimony. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the Senate and House on Capitol Hill. Only Ron Johnson and Rand Paul gave her a hard time in the morning Senate session. Most of the panels spent their time making speeches or praising Hillary than asking her any real questions. In regards to what difference does it make now what started the attack on our consulate, resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, goes to the roots of the Obama administration cover-up. The failures of the State Department will not be addressed and we are bound to see more of the same in the near future.