In an interesting move, the Republican Party has initiated a website that it hopes will provide it with some ideas on how to go forward. The idea behind this strategy is that respondents are asked whether the party should change the amount it spends on different topics.

The survey begins by asking some identifying information, probably to verify that you’re real. Then it asks some demographic questions (gender, age, political party identification). It then asks some questions about your political activity in 2012. It then divides issues into four broad areas (fiscal, economic, national security, and social) to find out which you think is most important. It then asks which of these you should spend more or less time discussing.

It then asks if you think the GOP cares about people like you or listens to people like you. Following this, it asks some strategic questions. In this group, there is an open-ended question.

It then asks some media-related questions.

I would guess that the entire survey could be done in less than 5 minutes. What should be interesting is that a typical GOP voter would not be the most likely to complete it, I’d guess. So, there should be some pretty interesting cross-tabs.