I was supposed to be in Washington this past weekend. I had a hotel room, dinner reservations, and a winter coat waiting for me. I cancelled my trip after the election results came in, as I didn’t want to attend the Presidential Inauguration if Governor Romney wasn’t becoming President Romney. This inaugural ceremony produced interesting analysis, and simply comparing the before and afters, 2008 vs. 2013, provides interesting results.

Before the election, my hotel room was $250 a night. It was far outside district limits, and would normally sell for $150 a night. Hotels in DC were going for $650 a night at the minimum, and there were only a few rooms remaining actually in the city. But after November 6th, this all changed. My hotel rate dropped from $250 to $150, and there were hundreds of open rooms across the district. These rooms were going for $250 and $300 a night. Before November 6th, hotels in neighboring Arlington were going for $450 a night. After November 6th, they were selling for $250. And every hotel suddenly had hundreds of vacancies.

In 2008, an estimated 1.8 Million people attended the inauguration. This year, the number in attendance was below a million, and the number of people who watched it in 2008 compared to this year was cut in half.

There is a clear theme displayed here; Is there an extreme lack of enthusiasm among the population for this President’s reelection? Is this lack of interest in the President’s reelection reflective on the populous? If so, how did he even win?

President Obama won reelection because he promised Americans his promises from 2008, and America bought his argument. America didn’t buy Governor Romney’s argument, which (in my opinion) was significantly stronger than the President’s.

But the tide is beginning to turn. There was very little enthusiasm displayed at the inauguration, and recurrent non-scientific polling displays an extreme lack of confidence for the President. Even MSNBC turned (slightly) on the President. A recent broadcast on MSNBC examined the President’s record over four years, and they could not produce many accomplishments, and compared the 2008 economy to the 2012 economy. I tried to locate this video, but could not find it.

How did the President win?

I hope these next four years are strong. But I question the previous four years, and I wish to understand what exactly happened on November 6th that reelected President Obama, all while the enthusiasm for him was at its lowest levels.

Glad to be back from my academic hiatus! Look forward to posting tomorrow!