Last night on NatGeo TV we got to watch a really fun episode of Doomsday Preppers entitled ′Prepper′s Paradise.′ Indeed it was! We met one couple in Idaho who are really big into organic gardening. Then we saw the rolling fortress, a doomsday armored truck called ′The Behemoth.′ Finally, we were introduced to a Florida couple whom were inspired by a ghost named Greta to relocate to the mountains of North Carolina where they bought a 51-room house which they named the Paragon Jewel. Once there, the couple found that Greta had been a previous owner and had been prepping for a comet colliding with the Earth. Has the ghost of Greta saved their lives or led them on a bum steer?

doomsday preppers the behemoth
The Behemoth is a 13-ton armored, rolling bunker-fortress, capable of sustaining 15 people in their bug-out to safety. Image Credit: National Geographic.

Lindsay and Ray live in Idaho and are really into organic gardening. They are prepping for a major disruption in the food supply. Be it drought or climate change, they plan to grow their way to survive any catastrophe. Lindsay preaches her belief on sustainability and self-reliance on a local talk-radio show. Her husband, Ray, a non-active Marine, focuses on security. In addition to their 4-acre home in town, which has an amazing, food-producing garden, the couple also has a plot of land 100 miles away up in the mountains. There, they plan to bug-out along with fellow preppers whom Ray has been recruiting.

With a 4-year supply of food stashed at the bug-out location, and even more at home, protecting their cache of supplies is a big job. So Ray and Lindsay have help, believing in mutual defense and strength in numbers. Their two newest recruits are both active duty military and after a verbal interview, are tested in a drill. First, they must load a bug-out vehicle and trailer with as much supplies as possible. Then drive to the hide-out where Ray has set a trap with an opposing force laying in ambush. But the new recruits exhibit excellent scouting techniques and get the drop on one invader hiding in one of the shelters. They pass the test! The experts score Ray and Lindsay with a 78, giving them at least 15 months of survival, which they disagree with.

Next up is Jim from Orange County, California. He is prepping for a cyber attack which could take out the electrical grid. Jim spares no expense building his rolling, doomsday fortress, The Behemoth! This 13-ton truck is armor plated, can run on multiple fuels, has solar panels and other generators and can withstand an EMP burst. Modified to carry 15 people, Jim plans to use one of several escape routes, each which he has prepared with secret caches of food and other supplies along the way. Costing some $300,000 so far, The Behemoth has 2-feet of clearance, giving it the ability to handle almost any terrain. With multiple cameras mounted about the truck, Jim can spot trouble as far as 2 miles away.

Jim hopes to rescue his daughter and take her, as well as his fellow preppers through any angry mobs of powerless people. For the past two years he has been getting ready and continues burying more supply caches. He sets off with his buddy Ashley to bury another one and to test The Behemoth in a rolling combat situation. They arrive at a barren location out in the desert and cover The Behemoth using a special thermal netting. This will conceal the vehicle even from thermal imaging sensors. As night falls, Jim and Ashley set to work burying the cache, taking a GPS reading to record its location. The next day, they practice shooting on the move from The Behemoth. The results were not so good. The experts score Jim with a 65, giving him 10 months, which he disagrees with.

Finally, we have our spooky couple, Amanda and Scott. Retired in Florida, Amanda began having visions and communications from a ghost named Greta, warning them to flee for a place at least 3,000 feet above sea level. Greta told them that a comet will soon hit the Earth, so they must begin prepping, or die! The couple search and wind up buying a 51-room house high in the mountains of North Carolina. The Swiss chalet-style home was once owned by a woman named Greta. Amanda and Scott discover tons of supplies such as wheat and other grains already stockpiled in some of the rooms. The house is a prepper′s paradise! Greta has one demand, however, that the couple allow other survivors to share in their shelter, which they named Paragon Jewel..

Amanda and Scott are new to prepping, only two months at the time of filming. Luckily, along with the gifts from Greta, their neighbors are friendly and helpful, too! Scott is given a 12-gauge, pump shotgun as a house warming gift. Their children visit from school in Ireland and discover that their parents have become preppers. The younger son, Johnny, 11, thinks its okay to be prepared for storms and such. But the elder son, Christopher, 16, is more reluctant. He wants nothing to do with prepping. Perhaps over time, he′ll change? The experts score them a 65, giving them 10 months to survive.

Thus ended another terrific episode of Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo TV. The Prepper′s Paradise theme carried on even in a Little Caesar′s Pizza commercial! Too bad they don′t deliver or they could maybe use The Behemoth? National Geographic is looking for more preppers to feature for a third season.