On Monday, Barack Obama took the oath in public on his Inauguration Day 2013. In between highlights such as the Bill Clinton photobomb of singer Kelly Clarkson, the Sasha Obama yawn during her dad′s speech and the Michelle Obama eye roll to John Boehner at the Congressional Inauguration Day Luncheon, we gleaned some idea of what to expect for the next four years. Obama spoke for just over 18 minutes before a crowd estimated to be close to a million people on the Washington Mall. He made a pitch for social justice, to expand the power of the federal government over people′s lives for their own good. Obama also made it very clear that he wants to spend more money we do not have, as well as tax more from those who do have. One thing not mentioned at all was the need to find jobs for the nearly 24 million unemployed Americans.

Inauguration Day 2013

If not putting the country another $5.8 Billion dollars deeper in debt during his 1st term was not bad enough, adding more debt than the first 42 presidents combined, With the federal budget on auto-pilot for the past 1364 days since the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate passed a budget, we can expect the National Debt to increase further at about the same rate. Obama begins his second term with the nation magically still at an unemployment rate of 7.8%, although there are now some 8 million fewer Americans technically seeking jobs, according to the Obama administration.

So offering nothing but angry, arrogant rhetoric more suitable for a low-office campaign, Obama threw down the gauntlet daring Republicans to just try and block his agenda of not making any real spending cuts and raising taxes on anybody with a paycheck. He is also pushing for another shot at cap-and-trade taxes to fund his climate-change agenda and his new push to add more restrictions of the Second Amendment. Anything to further chip away at the U.S. Constitution. If Congress will not go along, then Obama will use executive orders and federal regulations to achieve his ends.

I may join and imitate the Michelle Obama eye roll, but not at John Boehner but at her husband. During the Barack Obama Inauguration Day 2013 speech, it is easy to see why we saw Sasha Obama yawn during it. The speech had nothing new and zero substance. It is no wonder that Bill Clinton photobomb Kelly Clarkson since he was obviously bored with the festivities. I was also bored. Bored silly! The only thing worse than an Obama inauguration speech is an Obama State of the Union speech, which we will get ′treated′ to come February 12.