In Nevada, State Assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested and put in jail yesterday for threatening to kill State Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, also a Democrat. When he was arrested, according to Las Vegas police, he was carrying a loaded pistol. Brooks was apparently driving around Kirkpatrick’s neighborhood looking for her. When she called the police, they apprehended Brooks at a traffic stop.

Brooks t653

Booking photo of Brooks From Las Vegas Sun

According to other legislators, what caused Brooks to become enraged was that he felt that Kirkpatrick did not give him the committee assignments that he desired. Brooks had advised lobbyists that he would chair the state Ways and Means Committee, which would have given him the ability to determine budgetary policies, to some extent. When Kirkpatrick gave her support to another Democrat, Brooks may have realized the effect that this would have on his own personal fortunes, and grew irate.

According to Democratic sources, Brooks’ behavior had become ‘erratic’ recently, so erratic that they had begun documenting his behavioral issues. It is perhaps understandable that Brooks was seeking to augment his legislative salary, since he only earns $32,000 from that post.

I have not ever personally considered this stance when seeking a raise; however, Brooks has four children and he may have felt that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Perhaps upon his release from prison he could move to Chicago and run for that Congressional seat. He seems to have the qualifications that district is looking for.