Last night on NatGeo TV we had another new episode of Doomsday Preppers, titled ′In The Hurt Locker.′ We meet two new preppers, Lucas and Snake Blocker, as well as revisiting one from the first season of the series, Kevin, who left Florida to find shelter in Tennessee from a possible Pole Shift. There, he connects with Lucas, who is organizing a group called The Seven Trumpets as Lucas believes a massive earthquake as foretold in Revelations is at hand. Meanwhile, in Colorado, Snake Blocker teaches his new wife the joys of prepping, Apache-style! Let us see who has the best preps…

doomsday preppers snake blocker
Snake Blocker, an Apache Indian, is pretty handy with a knife! Image Credit: National Geographic.

Lucas from Tennessee is a devout Christian with a family of three. With his parents, Lucas has spent some $50,000 prepping for the End of Days which he believes will be heralded by a massive earthquake. Living about 200 miles from the New Madrid fault, a powerful quake is a possibility. So with fortress bunker built, known as the Alamo and enough food to feed 20 people for 3.5 years stockpiled, Lucas is busy recruiting like-minded folks to join him. He is very selective in his choosing, picking people he knows or who have vital skills. They call themselves The Seven Trumpets and are very determined to survive the tribulation and be ready for the Second Coming.

What I like about Lucas is that he is creative in his prepping. Need an alternate fuel source? Build a wood gasifier out of $200 worth of scrap oil drums. For electricity, Lucas has a homemade windmill from maybe $50 worth of parts. His property has some livestock like goats and chickens. So he′s doing it on the cheap but in a clever way.

Enter Kevin, who was featured in Season One of the series. He′s worried about a Pole Shift turning the world sideways. The last time one happened was about 800 million years ago. But that is not a concern as Kevin thinks one might happen anytime now. So since we last saw him, he has moved his family of five to Tennessee where he purchased a 130 acre spread. Unfortunately there is no house on the property, so he rents one nearby. Kevin takes his family camping on their land often to get them used to the surroundings. His children, particularly his teenage daughter, thinks that daddy might be just a tad crazy.

All of this moving and prepping has placed Kevin ″in the hurt locker″ financially. It may be many months before he can start work on building a house on his land. So Kevin has hooked up with Lucas via the Internet. When they finally meet in person, Lucas puts Kevin through a series of tests to see if he is worthy of becoming one of The Seven Trumpets. The final test is a staged assault upon the Lucas compound by the folks from Practical Prepping, the experts National Geographic relies on for the series. Three men equipped with night-vision goggles and personal radios easily infiltrate the perimeter and succeed in getting close to the compound. Kevin, whose weapon jammed as the fighting started, held his ground and did not desert his post. So he passed the tests Lucas set before him. The experts score Lucas with a 74, giving him 14 months of survival. Kevin only got a 62, giving him 9 months.

Then we shift to Colorado and meet Snake Blocker. Forget about bunkers, storing food, water, etc. Snake plans to survive an economic collapse he has had visions about by practicing his Apache heritage. With his motorcycle, he intends to stay mobile and forage to stay alive. But his new wife, Melissa, who is a teacher and opera singer, is not very skilled in prepping at all. So Snake is trying to educate her.

They hit the road for a bit of practice. Using commercial survival straws with built-in filters, they drink water from a very filthy pond. Snake then tries to get his wife to eat some ants and wasp larvae that he forages, but no dice. She wants something that really looks like food. So with his bow and arrow, Snake hunts and nails a chubby rabbit. He dresses the game and then builds a fire using a bow drill he fashions. This makes his wife happy and she actually eats finally. Melissa seems ready to learn but at her own pace. The experts score him only 48 points due to the lack of everything, giving him maybe 4 months of survival. In a post-show update, Snake has taken the experts′ advice and has purchased some acreage with a stone house. Now he is stocking up on the usual fair.

I have to say I was somewhat disappointed by Snake succumbing to the realities of prepping. But it is in the name of love so what can you do? Also in the update on Kevin, he, too, bought a house and is getting it ready as his first line of defense. This has helped settle his children and their objections. Even his wife seems more happy now that she has a permanent roof over her head. Next week, Doomsday Preppers will feature a man with his own rolling bunker. A converted truck lovingly called ‘The Behemoth’.