Wednesday January 16th, four days before his second inauguration, Obama will be presenting to the American public his plan on gun control. As of now he is considering 19 different measures that he could take without Congressional approval. Although the White House mouthpiece, Jay Carney, states that a “significant” part of any plan of action will include Congressional participation. He was reticent in stating just how far our President will go in an executive order. To make more of a spectacle of the this address than it will already be, Obama plans to dictate his plan while surrounded by the innocent faces of elementary school aged children. Putting it on a little thick don’t you think?

The basis for Obama’s gun control plan will be the recommendations of Vice President Biden’s task force. In 1994 Biden wrote the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, or Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, and it failed! After its 10-year limit was up it was not re-instated as law. The fact is that for the most part after the weapons ban crime rates didn’t change, or if they did they rose instead of decreased. Yet, here Biden is once again leading the charge for gun control and gaining support by all his liberal cronies in the media and Hollywood. A little hypocritical since a majority of the celebrities backing the President’s plans have made their careers in violent movies, especially with the use of gun violence. Theirs are the faces we see on the big screens triumphing over evil with a hand or machine gun. It is their faces we now see solemnly imploring the average American citizen to relinquish their Constitutional rights. It is their voices we hear trying to strike fear in the hearts of their viewers about the evil that guns can do.

In reality it all comes down to the politically correct language used to camouflage what is the true progressive agenda. Obama’s gun control is, for now, only against “assault weapons,” which use “military grade automatic artillery?” Do you know what an assault weapon is or what the liberal left wants you to believe it is? A “military grade assault weapon” is and has always been a hunting rifle. The difference is that some hunting rifles are painted black instead of green, more dastardly and easier to be labeled and seen as evil. What they want the general public to believe is that hunting rifles with their ammunition and attachable scopes, for a more accurate shot, is a machine gun. This administration and all its followers will use language as a shield to protect their own agenda. You can witness this with the way Biden described the use of assault weapons on children “ riddled with bullet holes.” “Riddled” does that sound like something a semi-automatic hunting rifle could do? If you do not hunt yourself, please, ask a hunter you know or a member of our fine military. I can assure you the answers will be the same, “No, a rifle will not riddle its target with bullet holes.”