On Thursday we will get to watch the Lance Armstrong confession his steroid use during the Oprah Winfrey show on her OWN Network. Oprah, herself, will be on CBS This Morning today to discuss her interview with Armstrong, who apparently won the Tour De France bicycle race several times while using performance enhancing drugs. The Associated Press reports that the Justice Department may get in on what could become a long series of legal battles for Armstrong over his doping practices and years of public denials. Yesterday, he spoke to the staff of his Livestrong charity that works to raise money and awareness for children with cancer. In the midst of this scandal, is anything Armstrong might say worth our time? Will he repent and beg forgiveness? Should we care if he does?

Frankly, I do not care! Lance Armstrong could go on Oprah and cry a river of tears and it would not change my opinion of him one bit. Probably because I never had an opinion of him. He and his entire life′s story never interested me enough to give him one thought.

I suppose it is a sign of the times that Armstrong thinks that he can make a public apology and return to whatever normal life he had before. We see this with celebrities all the time when they run into trouble. Admit to their behavior, go into rehab, then try to rebuild their careers. Some succeed, the rest fail and drift into obscurity.

So, Adios, Lance Armstrong! Confession may be good for your soul, assuming that you have one. Unless the Tour De France starts a seniors division, I doubt if forgiveness will earn you much now. Oprah Winfrey will get a nice bump for her OWN Network airing the Lance Armstrong confession. I′m sure that her appearance today on CBS This Morning will give their ratings a boost. But if I were you, Lance, I′d be more concerned with all of the legal battles that are gathering on the horizon. Especially if the Justice Department decides to go after you. As the Romans would say, ″All glory is fleeting.″ You′ve just been fleeted! Now go away and stop bothering us.