According to James Tracy, a professor of media history at Florida Atlantic University, the massacre of 20 first graders and four of their teachers is a hoax perpetrated upon a gullible public by a mass media which is pursuing its own agenda. According to Tracy, at least two other suspects were arrested by police soon after they arrived at the scene of the tragedy.

Tracy has come up with his own theory of the shootings quite different than the one that has fed the hapless public. According to the tenured professor, “…the deaths at Sandy Hook may have resulted from a training exercise. Was this to a certain degree constructed?” he said. “Was this a drill?

What causes Tracy such a lack of belief in the published reports? According to Fox News, ‘Tracy questioned how Adam Lanza was able to fire off so many shots in such little time and noted a lack of surveillance video or still images from the gruesome crime scene.’

“Something most likely took place,” he said. “One is left with the impression that a real tragedy took place.”
Tracy also adds that the entire Newtown incident may have been invented out of whole cloth. His evidence of this is that he has not seen either bodies or even photos of bodies. I’m pretty sure that parents of kids murdered may well want to send Tracy photos of their loved one in order to assure the academic that they are not mourning as a ruse.
Tracy said also has doubts about the official version of the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9-11 terror attacks and the Aurora, Colo., theater murders.

I am sure that media history is an academic endeavor, although until today I had never heard of it. Tracy considers himself to be following within the grand tradition of academia. “I describe myself as a scholar and public intellectual interested in going more deeply into controversial public events,” he said. “Although some may see [my theories] as beyond the pale, I am doing what we should be doing as academics.”