Despite a popular petition, there will be no White House Death Star built. So says Paul Shawcross of the Barack Obama administration′s Office of Science and Space Branch. While he concedes that it might be a good idea as far as creating plenty of jobs and strengthening the national defense of the United States, Shawcross rejects the plan. Lets face it, we have to hitch rides with the Russians just to get to the International Space Station. So building our own armored moon just is not in the cards right now. Not unless Obama starts minting a bunch of those trillion dollar coins!

white house death star

Yes, the White House petition website has offered us yet another gem. The last good one was the proposal for the Pierce Morgan deportation. Maybe instead, we could combine the two and build a Death Star to teleport Morgan back to the UK? Or shoot him out of a photon torpedo tube? Either way, The Force is not with Pierce Morgan, nor is it with the White House petition website.

In our New Normal of Low Information Voters, the Obama administration certainly seems to have plenty of free time on its hands. One might ask if they were to try using this effort to do some real work, like getting a budget passed? I′m not even asking for a balanced budget! Just any kind of budget would do for a start!

But, no, instead we have more wasted energy on foolishness. So the White House says no to building a Death Star. How much of our taxpayer dollars is Barack Obama paying Paul Shawcross of the Office of Science and Space Branch? We are having a hard enough time maintaining the International Space Station now that the United States is out of the manned space flight business. Perhaps those who signed the White House petition website page for building a Death Star should contact the fun folks at Bigelow Aerospace? Maybe they can construct an inflatable Death Star that we could afford to build?