On Tuesday, Joe Biden will turn in his gun violence task force report to Barack Obama concerning new gun control laws and other measures to the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. But as it turns out, the proposed 13-part plan comes from none other than the Center for American Progress, the Far-Left group funded largely by George Soros. This is not the first time that the Obama White House is getting its marching orders from Soros and his C.A.P. Organization. Meanwhile, sales for guns and high-capacity magazines are reaching record levels as law-abiding citizens fear a new series of gun bans. A patriotic group of citizens who believe firmly in the U.S. Constitution are planning on creating their own community in western Idaho called ′The Citadel′. Upwards of 7,000 families of like mind may relocate there to find shelter in our evermore disturbing world.

George Soros Obama gun control
Will George Soros command Obama to grab our guns? Image Credit: Jeff Ooi.

There is no surprise that Obama is once again relying on George Soros for his agenda, since Obama has never had a single, original thought in his life. Garbage-In, Garbage-Out is the Obama Way. Soros and his confederates have backed Obama since 2007, much to the chagrin of the Clintons. No doubt Hillary Clinton had counted on Soros support for her presidential campaign since her husband Bill had sent U.S. troops to the Balkans to protect the oil pipeline Soros was building. But as it turned out, Obama met the Soros criteria of being more easily corrupted and manipulated, so he won the favor of the notorious billionaire.

Despite all of the facts, that the old so-called assault weapons ban did nothing to reduce crime, that the exact opposite, more citizens being armed has resulted in a 49% decrease in violent crimes and gun-related murders, Obama will once again try to take us down this failed road. Why? Because George Soros and the rest of his anti-American friends want to make the nation more docile and vulnerable. A strong, free America does not fit in their plans for global control. The Second Amendment stands in their way of taming the United States.

Fortunately, many Americans understand this. That our liberty is only secure by an armed population. So is it any wonder that many are considering options such as that proposed by The Citadel group? To establish their own community of like-minded patriots and build a fortified city that will be independent of globalist ambitions. The Citadel offers a variety of residential options starting as low as $545 per month for a condo inside the protection of the town′s planned walls and defenses. They even already have several business opportunities to provide gainful employment. This is what America is really all about!

But not so in the mind′s eye of Barack Hussein Obama. The White House is about to accept the 13-part plan for gun control drafted by the George Soros group, the Center for American Progress. More like Regress! The series of meetings held by the Joe Biden gun violence task force last week were nothing but a sham. A cheap trick to give the illusion of public consensus. Recent polls show that about two-thirds of the nation like the idea proposed by the National Rifle association for having armed guards in our schools following the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtwon, Connecticut. One-third of our schools already have armed guards, so why not the rest? If you live in the new community of The Citadel, the whole town in western Idaho will be armed, making you very safe, indeed!