Last night on the Fox News Channel show, The O′Reilly Factor, Bill had Glenn Beck on to talk about his Global Libertarian News Network plans, as well as the rejected offer to buy Current TV which Al Gore sold to Al Jazeera. As usual, whenever Bill and Glenn get together, there was a good deal of comic relief. Beck, who has been an advocate for the Libertarian Party, has recently announced a retooling of his news service, TheBlaze, and is opening three foreign bureaus. On Tuesday, Beck went public with his plan during his show, standing in the middle of video clips of Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity. Glenn′s view is that the Republican and Democrat parties are becoming too similar and that the Libertarian viewpoint needs more exposure. One thing that needs little exposure is the disdain between Glenn Beck and Al Gore.

glenn beck global libertarian news network

O′Reilly questioned Beck over the Current TV bid which Al Gore rejected. Glenn said that his staff did indeed contact executives at Current TV and expressed an interest in making a competitive bid. Even though Beck thinks the amount that Al Jazeera offered, $500 Million, was twice as much as the failing cable network was worth, Glenn went forward anyway due to the potential audience of some 60 million homes. But when the executives found out that Mercury Radio was owned by Beck, any and all offers were rejected. Beck′s staff was told that Al Gore himself would never allow the sale to him as their political views were so far apart.

This brought the question from O′Reilly to Glenn about how does he feel since Al Gore considers Beck more dangerous to America and the world than Al Jazeera? A Pan-Arab news network that in 2002 allegedly had information which could have led to the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden. Beck answered that he considers the snub a badge of honor. That Al Gore has more in common with the sheiks of Qatar who allow for women and homosexuals to be stoned to death. Even now, Al Jazeera runs a religious program on weekends were mullahs pray for the strength to kill Jews. Not to mention the blatant hypocrisy of Al Gore, who publicly opposes the oil industry as they contribute to so-called global warming or climate change, while taking oil money for his network. So we wish Glenn Beck well on his Global Libertarian News Network being formed out of TheBlaze. The three foreign bureaus will be in cities that Beck described as ′important′ to the United States while standing between video clips of Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity.