She’s been to Hell and back with her health issues- first, a stomach virus, then food poisoning, fainting because of this food poisoning, and as a result, she had a concussion. Later, she gets a blood clot in her Brain, likely resulting from her concussion. All horrible impairments, she was hospitalized, and released yesterday.

Hillary Clinton was due to testify regarding the Benghazi scandal, and many Conservatives claim that she may be faking or forging these illnesses as to avoid testimony. I disagree with these claims, but I completely understand their basis. With her release from the hospital the other day, she is expected to testify on the 22nd of January- notably with a new Congress sworn in.

Many people speculate that she is considering a run for the Presidency in 2016, and it is well established that her husband wants her to run.

Her health issues raise an interesting question, will she be able to function as President of the United States if she has these repeated health issues? How will she even be able to sustain a campaign, which is considered harder than actual Presidency, if she is having these health issues?

Her Benghazi testimony will be interesting as this testimony may or may not lay the path for her candidacy- if she can work her way around a negative testimony and produce a testimony in which does not lay the blame at her feet, she will have few setbacks for her candidacy, other than her health issues. If her testimony does lay the blame for the death of the Americans in Benghazi at her feet, coupled with her health issues, I do not believe she can successfully make it through a rigorous campaign.