According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, when Stephen Moore interviewed John Boehner about the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, Barack Obama told Boehner that, ″We don′t have a spending problem.″ Obama explained to the Speaker of the House that the cause of the National Debt and budget deficits stem from a ″health care problem″, which Obama claims to have solved with ObamaCare. When Boehner tried to convince Obama that Washington does indeed have a ″very serious spending problem″, Obama′s retort was, ″I′m getting tired of hearing you say that.″ So is it any wonder that Boehner gave up trying to talk any sense and negotiate a deal? And is it any wonder that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will attempt to act with Obama and continue to push for more tax increases?

obama no spending problem

I was tempted to entitle this ′Obama – A Legacy of Insanity′, because if Obama really does think that the federal government does not have a spending problem, or that health care costs are the sole reason for the National Debt being about $16.5 Trillion dollars, then Barack Hussein Obama is truly insane! No question about it! I mean, if he were to add paying for two unfunded wars, then at least Obama ′might′ have some shred of credibility. And that is a pretty small threshold for ′might.′

Naturally, the humorous irony is that Obama′s own ′fix′ for health care is actually raising the cost of health insurance, not lowering it as advertized. A new study shows that the young people, who must soon acquire health insurance by law or pay a fine, will see their rates increase by 40% for those between 21 through 29 and 35% for those between 30 and 39. This is due to a provision in ObamaCare that limits the cost to senior citizens to no more than triple the rates as those for young adults. The bottom line is that health insurance rates are going up for everybody and ObamaCare will further bankrupt America.

Obama and the Democrats are already gearing up for another round of tax increases since they have no intentions of offering any real spending cuts. The ′talking point′ that they already have put $1 Trillion in cuts on the table is false since that involves the dreaded sequestration, which, as you might recall during the presidential debates, Obama promised would never happen. So is it any wonder why trying to negotiate with Obama and the Democrats is impossible? Boehner became so frustrated by the lack of honesty that after Harry Reid called the Speaker a dictator, the Ohio Congressman told the Senate Majority Leader to go ′fxxk yourself!′

So if you think that things are going to be any easier as we shift gears and begin negotiations for raising the debt ceiling limit, then you are about as insane as Barack Hussein Obama! I believe John Boehner when he says that Obama does not think that the federal government has a spending problem. I can even believe that Obama thinks that health care costs are the main reason for the $16.5 Trillion dollar National Debt. And that Obama believes that he has already solved that problem with his ObamaCare law. I believe these because I also believe that Obama is truly insane and that America, as we know and love it, is in for a long a difficult ride as the Democrats, led by Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, launch a new attack to raise taxes on us all.