As Barack Obama returns from his $7 Million dollar Hawaiian vacation, his administration is planning a full scale assault on the Second Amendment. According to the Washington Post and other sources, the gun control panel headed by Joe Biden and formed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting will recommend a broad range of laws and restrictions that go well beyond the old 1994 ′assault weapon′ ban. The White House plans to take on the National Rifle Association and swamp it with new new rules and regulations. This from the same people in Homeland Security and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that brought us ′Fast and Furious.′

obama gun control
Joe Biden heads the Obama Administration gun control panel, preparing a plan to expand federal firearm laws.

In the closing days of his reelection campaign, Obama encouraged people to vote for him out of revenge. Revenge against ′The Man′, against ′The Rich′, and against ′The Reagan Era.′ Now, add to that revenge against ′The Constitution.′ Yes, that old, silly document that stands in the way of Barack Hussein Obama and his being able to do whatever he wants.

The Washington Post reports that the Biden panel will list the following legislation to be passed: First, universal background checks for all buyers of firearms. A national database with all firearms registered. ′Strengthen′ mental health checks. Stiffer penalties for carrying guns near schools. Banning a wider range of firearms than the old 1994 law, including bans on silencers and high-capacity magazines.

This knee-jerk reaction to the Newtown shootings is typical of the Liberal-Progressive-Socialist mindset. Forget that the Bill of Rights under the U.S. Constitution says quite clearly that the right of the common citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Forget that the state of Connecticut already had stiffer gun control laws on their books than most of the nation. Forget that existing laws already require extensive background checks and paperwork for purchasing or possessing true, military-style, fully automatic weapons or unusual accessories such as silencers.

Once again, Obama is seeking revenge against America. His anti-colonial views, handed down from his father and grandfather, want nothing else but to end individual liberty and economic freedom. To put The State above The Citizen in all things, including the ability to have and protect private property. Especially the most important private property, yourself! In Obama′s America, or should I say ′Amerika′, The State would own you, not yourself.

The Liberal Media quickly dismissed any rational plan to protect the children of America, such as the suggestion by the NRA to have uniformed police at every school. About one-third of all schools already have armed guards, be they police or private security. The Media also likes to ignore the reality that nearly all of the ′mass shootings′ have taken place in so-called ′gun-free′ zones, places like schools and churches where existing laws forbid law-abiding citizens from keeping and bearing their firearms.

One has to wonder just what Obama′s panel means when they talk about strengthening mental health tests? Especially with crazy Joe Biden in charge! The same guy who was happily groping the wives and female family members of new U.S. Senators on Thursday. Suggesting that they spread their legs and get ready for a frisking. Joe Biden ought to know a thing or two about mental health considering what a lunatic he is. Will people who believe in the Constitution be considered too crazy to own a gun? How about folks who think we are taxed too much? Or that our government spends too much?

As we have seen throughout history, governments like nothing better than to expand their power. Barack Obama is no exception. The gun control issue is just one more method for him to seek revenge upon America and shred a bit more of our freedoms and liberty. He has already made it abundantly clear that he intends to raise taxes more in the near future while offering no real spending cuts to reduce the budget deficits. Obama cannot even produce a budget! I′ve lost count but it is now something like 1350-plus days since Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate have passed a budget. Yet, they seem to have plenty of time to try and pass bills that eliminate our Creator-given rights