Well, reality fans, you’re going to get another one from the Pelican State next month. This series, interestingly enough, actually has a political angle to it. This show is based upon the fairy tale romance of Edwin Edwards and his wife, Trina.

edwin trina edwards

Photo from Politico.com

Edwards was Louisiana’s Governor three different times; from 1972-1980, from 1984-1988, and from 1992-1996. The latter election was arguably the one that grew the most national notoriety since it pitted Edwards versus David Duke, who was reputed to be a Neo-Nazi. A bumper sticker in the campaign was ‘Vote for the Crook: It’s Important’. A number of national and state Republicans urged voters to elect Edwards, a Democrat.

The slogan was prophetic since in 2001 Edwards was convicted of a number of corruption charges for his actions as Governor, and served in prison from 2002-2006. He left prison at the age of 79. Some people thought that he would just spend his twilight years in recluse, but these people didn’t know our Edwin. Instead, he met the incredibly lovely Trina Scott, and wed her in 2011. He is 85; his bride is 34. According to Trina, “The show is fun, positive, and light-hearted in nature … just like us! I am not allowed to discuss specific story lines, but I will say that the show does follow our quest to conceive a child … sorry, but that’s all I can give you now.”

The reality program will air on A&E beginning in February. Another plot line will be watching Trina try to get along with Edwards’ daughters, who happen to be twice her age and observe Edwards’ parenting skills with Trina’s teenaged sons. This show has the potential to be another Louisiana hit, assuming Edwards’ heart can hold out. We all wish him well.